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Here at PALS we welcome many stories about the journey of grief and joy during your subsequent pregnancy. We want to hear about the TRUE experience of this journey and can’t wait to read the stories you have to share.

Before you click on the ‘submit’ button please review the following about what kinds of stories we are looking for:

  • We are looking for posts that are honest about the journey through the grief of pregnancy after loss and that still celebrate the new life growing inside you.
  • We LOVE to read about and share your birth stories of your rainbow babies (babies born after a previous loss). So send them our way (include pictures pretty please).
  • Here at PALS we love it when love is spread from one PAL mom to another (that’s what support is all about) so we would be honored if wrote your “PAL Love Letter” where you write a letter to the mom currently on her PAL journey, showering her with encouragement, love, and support while also being real about the journey through PAL. Click here to submit a letter.
  • We also want to hear your stories of how you made it through pregnancy after loss. Share your wisdom about any topic that you think a mom going through PAL might want to know.
  • There is no word limit but submissions that run long might not make it to post (recommended post length is 600-1000 words).
  • Your post, article, love letter, birth story, etc. must be original content. If you have published it on your personal blog, you may submit it to PALS, but please give it a different title and new first paragraph to keep search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) from punishing either site.
  • Photography must be cited (photographer, website, title of photograph) if you are not using your own photograph or if you are using photography from a birth, maternity, or newborn photographer. We would love to share, just make sure you have their permission.
  • Also, we reserve the right to edit the content for grammar, spelling, and clarity. We may also change the article’s title for search engine optimization purposes. If we make significant edits, we will have you review the final draft.

You will be notified via email if your post is selected to be published.

Finally, we at PALS don’t shy away from talking about grief that comes from a loss and we really believe in the healing power of sharing your story. If you have a story of your loss you would like to share, we hope you will visit sites specifically for the purpose of sharing loss stories such as Unspoken Grief and Reconceiving Loss’s Return to Zero Project.

We can’t wait to read and share your PAL stories! We will be in touch.


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