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Lindsey Henke

Lindsey Henke is the founder and Executive Director of Pregnancy After Loss Support, writer, clinical social worker, wife, and most importantly a mother to two beautiful daughters and one sweet-cheeked baby boy. Tragically, her oldest daughter, Nora was stillborn after a healthy full-term pregnancy in December of 2012. Since then, she has turned to writing on her blog, Still Breathing. Lindsey was featured as Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine’s Knocked Up Blogger during her pregnancy with her second daughter, Zoe, who was born healthy and alive in March of 2014. Her writing about life after loss has been featured on Still Standing Magazine, Listen to Your Mother, Scary Mommy, Healthline, Postpartum Progress, and The New York Times. Lindsey can be reached by email.

Valerie Meek

Valerie Meek is the Operations Director for Pregnancy After Loss Support. She lives in a Boston suburb with her husband, daughter, and Sato puppy, Didi Darling. She became a mama when her son Patrick was born still at 20 weeks in April of 2014. She has been honored to share her TTC and pregnancy after loss journey at PALS. She gave birth to her baby born after loss, her daughter, “Stitch,” born in February 2016. Valerie writes about her family life and crafty endeavors (quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, cooking, canning, and scrapbooking) at her blog Meek Manor. You can also find her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, as well as by email.

Shawnté LaTour

Shawnté LaTour is the Volunteer Coordinator for Pregnancy After Loss Support, as well as the PALS MeetUp leader in Albany, NY. She is a 35-year-old wife and mother who lives in Albany, NY. After years of running a child care business out of her home, Shawnte now works seasonally as a tax preparer. She spends her “off-season” months caring for her five-year-old son and her rainbow baby, who was born in April of 2017. Shawnte and her husband lost a baby to miscarriage in April 2016. After the loss Shawnte struggled to cope with the many emotions she was feeling. She leaned on her husband, her faith, and the trying to conceive after loss Facebook group for support and healing. Shawnte and her husband found out they were pregnant again in September of 2016. Her pregnancy with her rainbow was far from easy. At 28 weeks, she was found to be at risk for preterm labor and was hospitalized. Her beautiful baby girl was born at 33 weeks 2 days. She had a 5-week NICU stay but is now home and thriving! This journey has made Shawnte so very grateful for her many blessings. She now has made it a personal goal to help other women going through similar situations, and let them know that they are not alone.

Elana Ilott is the Communications Coordinator at Pregnancy After Loss Support. She is a public relations and nonprofit communications professional living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Wife to Jesse and mom to Haven and Phoenix, Elana found the PALS community shortly after loosing her first son, Haven, in December 2016. Haven was born silent at 6 months gestation after a terminal diagnosis. A few months later, Elana found herself pregnant again, and her rainbow Phoenix was born in October 2017. Having lived through the before and after of child loss, Elana has been inspired by the support from and experiences of fellow loss moms and families and hopes to empower others to share their stories. Through the PALS newsletter, A Note From Your PALS, Elana hopes to encourage dialogue, foster community, and offer a place to both honour the babies we’ve lost and celebrate the babies we hold earth side.

Ingrid Santana

Ingrid Santana is the Instagram Manager for Pregnancy After Loss Support who resides in New York City. She is a mother of her first son Liam, her daughter Leilani who was stillborn, a rainbow baby son Leighton, and her double rainbow Langston Leander. She is a stay at home mom and a motivated self-employed fitness coach. After the loss of her daughter Ingrid felt hopeless, alone, and empty. She didn’t understand how in this day and age things like this still happened. After getting back on her feet, she decided she wanted to help others know that stillbirths can still happen today. Ingrid also, when inspired, writes occasionally on her blog Staying fit for my L’s, about her experience and thoughts on life as a mother/wife before and after her pregnancy after loss and fitness journey. You can also follow her on Instagram at @stayingfitformls.

Keary Tangen

Keary Tangen is the Facebook Engagement Manager for Pregnancy After Loss Support. She lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Matt, stepdaughter Lilly and her fur-baby, a Maltese named Dacey. On February 3, 2018 Keary’s son, Evan Matthew, passed away at 13 months old. Evan was born at 27 weeks gestation and lived his entire 13 months at Children’s Hospital, Minneapolis. He suffered from a number of health conditions including chronic lung disease and a rare congenital heart defect called midaortic syndrome. Keary has a passion for helping other mothers navigate the the chaotic world of the NICU and has made it her personal goal to help others who have gone through similar situations with infant loss. She believes nobody should have to suffer in silence. Keary and her husband Matt are expecting their rainbow baby girl in May of 2019.

Wendy Harvey is the Ambassador Program Coordinator at Pregnancy After Loss Support. She is an outskirts of Green Bay, Wisconsin native along with her husband and their two living children. Her first pregnancy was completely, as to be expected. In April 2014, at 33 weeks she heard a strong heartbeat, but at 34 weeks she delivered her stillborn son, Blake. She was told it was an “isolated incident.” She and her husband longed for a family and knew they would always grieve Blake but when she and her husband decided to move forward, and got pregnant again, Wendy encountered a miscarriage. Devastated by the losses of her children, and lack of awareness in her community regarding pregnancy and infant loss, Wendy founded “A Walk to Remember Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Walk”, the first and only remembrance walk in the Northeast Wisconsin area. Now celebrating its fourth year, she hopes the walk and sharing her story will encourage others to spread awareness to anyone who hasn’t encountered pregnancy and infant loss. And to extend the message that no one should suffer the loss of a child on their own. Wendy also hopes that by volunteering with PALS she can bring more support and resources to her community and bring the perspective from a grieving momma who “gets it.”

Meagan Pierluissi

Meagan Pierluissi is a Volunteer Social Media Coordinator for Pregnancy After Loss Support. Meagan lives in Minneapolis, MN with her ever-supportive partner, Sergio, and their two living daughters: Ruth and Sage. Their third daughter, Lucy, was stillborn after a second trimester loss on June 20, 2015. Unsure as to what took Lucy’s life after having been successful in their first pregnancy, Meagan and Sergio took the terrifying leap to try again for a baby; Sage was born one year after Lucy’s due date. PALS was there for the long, 9-month journey, giving her hope and a safe space to share happiness and grief. Meagan also works in public relations for a health care company as well as providing freelance PR support to other companies. Meagan shares her pregnancy experiences on her personal blog that actually started as an adventure-type blog, but became a place to get her birth stories out to share with others. She can also be reached by email.


Pregnancy After Loss Support depends on the many generous volunteers who give of their time to write, moderate, and develop programs for our courageous mamas. To meet our volunteers, visit their pages below. To find out more about how you can volunteer, visit Get Involved.