This has been a pretty busy week at work this past week, which has been great for making time go by faster. We are in the final week stretch before the tax deadline, so I know this upcoming week will be crazy too. Then things will slow down and not really ramp back up until we hit the month or two before extensions are due.

Sarah's 30-week bump

I had a realization the other day that I’m ten weeks from my due date and that’s if she comes on or after her due date.  If she comes a little before, then we are in the single digit week countdown! Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so far away and I’m starting to think about her being born and actually bringing her home. I have to make a plan for who will keep my son when I go into labor and what I want to bring to the hospital. Things I haven’t even let myself think about until recently.

I went to the MFM this morning and everything was looking great.

Baby, of course, refused to show her face and had both of her feet and both hands in front of her face. The cool thing was that I got to listen to her take a couple of practice breaths and they pointed out her diaphragm moving to show her breathing. They said that these are things a baby does when they are not in distress and is a kind of stress test they can do by ultrasound that isn’t always perfect, but can help give information. I had never heard that before and thought it was pretty interesting.

They also said that babies who are in distress won’t do these functions that aren’t considered necessary. I was certainly happy to hear that she is nice and relaxed in there! They also did a couple of extra ultrasound tests like movement, etc. and she passed everything with flying colors. We even saw her eye move a little beneath her eyelid and saw her moving her lips. It always just amazes me that there is actually a little person in there. I sometimes even look at my son and wonder how he ever fit in my belly!

The doctor was going to release me, but then decided to go ahead and just see one more time.

I am hoping this little girl is more cooperative next time. She has refused to completely show her face the past two times, and of course, I want to see her face! My next appointment is just a regular OB appointment in two weeks. I was telling my mom today that it just feels so weird to go to an appointment and hear that everything looks good and everything is normal. I got so used to finding out something else was wrong at every appointment during my last pregnancy, that this now seems unusual.

I was right that she is now head down, because I could feel a lot of kicking higher up and then sometimes feel pressure on one side on my hip bone. Now, if she will just stay in that position until she is born. My son decided to be sunny side up, so hoping that doesn’t happen with this pregnancy as well.

I found a shirt the other day that I hadn’t worn yet this pregnancy and realized that the last time I wore it was with the very last picture I took while pregnant with our angel daughter. It didn’t necessarily make me sad, but it just made me remember at least a happy moment being pregnant with her.

I still feel weird every time someone says oh now you have one of each, a boy and a girl.

Because technically I have two girls. One just isn’t visibly here. And I know what people mean by it and they don’t mean anything bad. It just always goes back to whether or not you bring up the fact that you have a child no longer here. With some people I do and with others I don’t. I feel like it’s the question all of us who have had a loss struggle with the most. We never forget them and never stop considering them a part of the family.  I will always have three children.

On a different note, I never wore my son, but definitely want to do babywearing with this baby. All of the choices and styles are so overwhelming! I have had a few recommendations, but if any of you want to recommend what you have used and liked, I would be open to all suggestions!

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