My anatomy scan was on the 14th and was something I had been dreading. Even though I regularly see the MFM, who checks all the organs and parts every time I go, I was still scared that something would pop up now that the baby was big enough to see more. The morning of, I hadn’t felt her move much and my mind jumped to the worst possible conclusion. But an hour or so before the appointment, I did start feeling movement, which helped ease my mind. It also didn’t help that the office seemed to be running behind and I wasn’t called back until 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time.

Sarah's 18-week bump

But once I got called back, I didn’t have to wait in the room very long before they came in to start the scan. They started with the feet and she was moving around so much that it took a long time to get a pic of the feet. She looked like she was dancing almost with as much as she moved them! It made my husband and I both laugh. It was off to a good start. She then proceeded to check every part of the body. After she finished, she went out to talk to the doctor and show her the images.

The doctor came in shortly after and I heard those beautiful words that the baby looked good and there were no signs of any problems! The brain looked good, the heart looked good, and everything else looked good. And they reconfirmed that she is, in fact, a girl. There are no signs of the CDH our angel daughter had and no signs of there being any other issues at this time. They gave us a weight estimate of 8 oz, which is right on track.

We have a healthy little girl!

My husband and I are obviously elated. We go back in four weeks to do another check just to make sure no problems pop up, but I am expecting it all to be okay. I finally feel like I can actually breathe and relax a bit. I was so happy after the appointment and went to work to show off the ultrasound pictures. Unfortunately, she was head down and had her face pressed up against the placenta, so we couldn’t get any cute face pictures.

This past weekend we painted her room.

It was a big step for us to start getting her room ready because it meant we could finally believe that she will be coming home with us and be our sweet little rainbow girl. I hate picking paint colors, but had some friends recommend a couple. We tried them out and I found one I like. Even our son wanted to get in on the painting, even though he kept asking, “but WHY are we painting it?” I am very pleased with how it turned out. Now I just have to contain all of the ideas of what I want to do and make sure I don’t over decorate! We are using pink, gold, and white for her room and apparently these are the “in” colors because I see them everywhere at all the baby stores I go to.

preparing the baby's nursery

The first part of the pregnancy went by both slowly and quickly. The time in between appointments seems to drag, but then all of the sudden I am out of the first trimester or almost half-way there. Now that I hit 18 weeks, time seems to have slowed. I was thinking I am not even to the 20 week point yet and still have a long way to go before I pass the milestone of the week of gestation I lost my daughter (32 weeks). But overall, we have passed the major milestones of when we found out about the issues with our angel daughter, and I am growing more and more confident and hopeful that this baby will be here to stay.

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