You Can Be Grateful And Still Complain When Parenting After Loss

I distinctly remember those sleepless nights. I’m referring to the ones that came after my daughter, Dorothy, was stillborn. I would toss and turn for hours, my eyes burning from the steady stream of tears that fell. It was agony. As I lay there I would torment myself by imagining what it would be like [...]

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The Boy Who is the Same Age

Photo credit: Sublime Photo Art My best friend’s sister was due with her first child, a boy, in October 2014. I was due with my first child, also a boy, in September 2014. After my son was stillborn at 24 weeks gestation in May, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t [...]

The Invisible Bravery of Fathers

Over the last few years, the "mental workload" of motherhood has become a hot topic. But sometimes we women lose sight of the very real mental (and emotional) workload of fathers, an invisible bravery that deserves our respect and gratitude: The drive to keep the family afloat during times of crisis, struggle or bereavement in [...]

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Pumping to Heal a Broken Heart

Photo by NIKOLAY OSMACHKO from Pexels I am three years out after the loss of my little girl; I am 18 months out after safely delivering a warm, breathing little girl. I hold a deep desire to help other mothers, whether they’ve experienced loss or not, by pumping milk my body is still [...]

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The Exhausted Loss Father

Guest post by Mike Whalen I’m tired all the time. I am a parent, a father. It’s a common condition, the exhausted parent. The sleepless nights of newborn-hood followed by the unrelenting crush of work and maintaining your home to the point where it is habitable enough to keep the authorities uninvolved. No one gets [...]

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Feeling Like Falling: Life after Loss

Guest post by Bret Hand You know that feeling you get when you're leaning back comfortably in your chair and thinking about how well things are going? Then, out of nowhere, you feel as though your heart jumps out of your chest and you are falling 100 feet? You’re able to catch yourself. Then, you [...]

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Maintaining Intimacy While on Pelvic Rest

“How are you ladies and your men dealing with pelvic rest?” “How does everyone cope with this pelvic rest thing?” “How do you maintain intimacy with your partner while you can’t actually be physically intimate?” I co-admin of a Facebook group for women (nearly 8,200 of them) with the condition that led to the loss [...]

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Father’s Day after Loss

I am a father who has lost a child. That makes Father’s Day a mixture of happiness and sadness. I have one living son, Noah, who at two and a half is the cutest bundle of curiosity and wonder. And I have one deceased son, Will, who if he were alive now would be almost [...]

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“In This Moment, Everything is Okay” and other Helpful Pregnancy After Loss Affirmations

When you’re pregnant again after loss (PAL), it’s so easy to get inside your head. You’ve been introduced to the “baby loss world” and you have suddenly become aware of the many ways a baby can die during pregnancy. It’s so easy to go to a bad place very quickly. For me, affirmations were so [...]

What Jackson Pollock Taught Me About Grief and Life

Guest post by Mike Markert Photo by Orlando Brooke on Unsplash I consider the first ultrasound to be my daughter’s birthday. I sat there on the edge of my chair, holding my wife’s hand and smiling, just staring at my beautiful little baby, watching her wiggle and flop around on the screen. Even her little spine [...]

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