Being Pregnant after Loss for the Holidays

Being pregnant during the holiday season comes with its own ups and downs. The highlights might include feeling a little freer to indulge in sweets, sharing the news (in a creative way) with family, or having extra time to take off from the normal stresses of life (and a PAL). However, some of these things [...]

Knowing When It’s Time

When I wrote my October PALS post, we were in the thick of a fresh IVF cycle – I’d just undergone an egg retrieval procedure and we had four perfect embryos. We were looking forward to transferring one of them a few days later, and hopeful that my next PALS post would be a pregnancy [...]

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The Sibling Bond

Dexter's picture of a rainbow bridge to a sky full of heart stars I've been thinking a lot about siblings during this holiday season. My heart is full every time I watch my three living children engage in all the holiday activities: seeing Santa, Christmas tree decorating, finding Elf on the Shelf, baking [...]

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Christmas Ornaments

Before they were born, which is interesting, because they were born in September, my boys were given Christmas ornaments. Two snowmen medallions, given to me by my aunt, who I always associate with Christmas, because it was her favourite holiday. On the back, after they were born, I had inscribed their names. These are Nate [...]

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Holidays After Loss: Sorting Out Stockings (And Other Ideas)

Oberon's stocking in the middle - the first one filled Oberon, our son who died, is very present for us during the holiday season. He lived on the outside from November 24, 2014 - December 28, 2014. There's absolutely no way for our family to go through the winter holidays without constantly thinking [...]

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How my Miscarriages have Affected my Career

I have been a nurse for six years now, working with several different types of patients, and had never really found the type of nursing I wanted to stay with for my future. I had never even considered Maternal and Infant Health before I had our first daughter, Charlie, but my birth experience was so [...]

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A Pregnancy After Loss Christmas Story

I knew the first Christmas after we lost our baby would be an especially hard one. A year earlier, I had been in my second trimester of pregnancy and had been hopeful that we would be celebrating our baby’s first Christmas the next year. But the following Christmas did not turn out as planned. Instead [...]

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Nina’s Bump Day Blog, Week 9 – Inconclusive

That is not what I wanted to hear at my 8 week check up with my doctor. The transvaginal ultrasound measurements were not on target. The fetal pole was measuring at about 6.5 weeks, and there was no heartbeat. Because not everyone gets their dates right, there is always a possibility that all is well. [...]

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