Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 17: Four Months Down, Five More to Go!

At my OB appointment two weeks ago, my doctor provided me with some options to help with my anxiety and depression that’s been getting worse since the beginning of my pregnancy. Since then, I made the decision to start Zoloft. Normally I am against antidepressants, but it’s not good for our rainbow baby with how bad I’ve been feeling.

It’s now going on two weeks since I started taking Zoloft, and I can’t say that I feel “happy” or that it’s the magic pill that will cure me of how I was feeling, but I am starting to sleep throughout the night a little better, and I haven’t had any panic attacks or flashbacks from labor and delivery with my angel, Amelia. Maybe it’s starting to work, but they say it can take a couple of weeks to fully kick in, so we will see if it really does help. Hopefully it does.

This week I also had my four month prenatal check-up, and I was actually in a pretty good mood for this appointment. Today marks the first OB appointment that Baby F’s heart rate was picked up without a struggle, and she had a lovely heart rate of 153. Since my last pregnancy with my angel I developed preeclampsia, they started today with checking my urine to get a baseline and will continue to every appointment for any protein to keep a close eye in case it does happen again.

In about two weeks I will have my anatomy scan done, and I’m hoping and praying that everything with our rainbow baby will continue to look good. I also got the official order to have a trasnvaginal ultrasound done to check for Vasa Previa and to ensure that it is not present again in this pregnancy. I felt a lot more confident seeing that on the ultrasound order and knowing that they are being cautious. Although my chances of Vasa Previa occurring again are very low, it rather be overly safe.

I’m hoping and praying that how I’ve been feeling keeps improving. My husband, sunshine, and I are taking a small family trip together in a few days. It’s going to be nice to spend some time together before my husband has to leave for military reasons again. Hopefully the next few weeks keep going well with Baby F, and we can finally figure out the perfect name for her!






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About the Author:

Mikey Fuller
Mikey Fuller is a military spouse who currently lives in Fort Drum, NY with her husband, Shawn. After a year of trying and going through the heartbreak of miscarriage, Mikey and her husband were finally pregnant with their daughter, Amelia. Despite having extra ultrasound scans due to developing pre-eclampsia, a rare pregnancy complication called Vasa Previa went undetected. When Mikey was 37-weeks, she was induced due to her blood pressure becoming too dangerous. However, her delivery quickly became an emergency when her water broke and the exposed blood vessel ruptured. Their daughter passed away eight short days after birth on January 6, 2016. Since their loss, Mikey and Shawn have been blessed with the opportunity to be foster parents and are currently working towards adopting their sunshine baby. Now, one year after their loss, Mikey found out that she is expecting again and decided to share her journey early on in hopes to provide courage to other/future PAL moms. In honor of their daughter, Amelia, Mikey and Shawn started Miles for Amelia to help raise awareness of Vasa Previa in hopes that no other family has to endure the preventable heartbreak they went through.

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