Janice’s Bump Day Blog, Week 31: Third Trip to the Hospital

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This week I made my third trip to the hospital. I guess I took my specialist seriously when he said I had every right to go to the hospital as often as I felt necessary, I just didn’t realize it’d be four days later.

Oddly enough I went in just hours after one of my check-ups. You’d think that seeing Bo move during the ultrasound would have brought me comfort; but as we all have learned, there is very little comfort in pregnancy after loss.

I came home after work and started feeling contractions again. Ever since my last visit I’ve continued to feel contractions, but never more than a couple in an hour. On Monday night I started to track them and soon saw that I was having a contraction every three minutes. I remained fairly calm because I could still feel Bo moving around, but I was nervous. I have been told repeatedly that more than five in an hour needs to be taken seriously.

I decided to head in just to make sure everything was okay. Deep down I didn’t think it was labor because for having one every three minutes, there was hardly any pain—they were just uncomfortable. When I arrived to the hospital they saw a lot of the same signs as before, basically just contractions. While it was comforting to know I wasn’t in labor, I was a little unnerved that this keeps happening. I was given a second shot to stop the contractions and then released.

The nurse told me that this could be because I’m a little on the small side, therefore allowing me to feel more of what’s happening than other women. This makes sense except that I didn’t have this issue when I was pregnant with Jack. Another possible reason is that I am just a “contractor.”

That’s how the nurse worded it when she told me about a coworker who had contractions her entire pregnancy for absolutely no reason (well I’m sure there’s a reason). Maybe my body is trying to be an overachiever and just making sure it’s absolutely ready for the real thing. All I know is this pregnancy continues to be nothing like I expected.

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Janice Leister
Janice Leister is the Instagram Manager for Pregnancy After Loss Support, as well as a contributor to the Bump Day Blog. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and Golden Retriever, Dug. Janice experienced the loss of her first child, a little boy named Jack, in 2015. After 32 weeks of a perfectly healthy pregnancy, her blood pressure spiked, which caused a placental abruption. Unfortunately because it happened so quickly and without any noticeable symptoms, her son passed away; she delivered a beautiful child, stillborn, on March 18th. Struggling to deal with the loss, she reached out to local support groups and women with similar experiences via social media. Eleven months after their loss, she and her husband were ecstatic to learn that they were pregnant again. She is currently pregnant with their rainbow, “Bo,” and is due in October 2016. Her subsequent pregnancy led her to PALS, where she has actively been trying to help other women by sharing her own experiences of pregnancy following a loss. You can contact her on her personal Instagram account, or at her blog, The Reluctant Aviator.

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