Faith in December

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Faith in December

What is faith? What does it mean to believe in something? Faith is not limited to religion or spirituality. Faith is a complete trust in something or someone. It’s a strong belief or a loyalty to a person, thing, science, your children, or even birth.

December is a challenging month for many PALS families from parents, to siblings, and even grandparents. December is the end of a year, another holiday without family and loved ones, and a time of celebration as December is both an end and a beginning.

This December I have a gift for you. The gift of faith. Faith as a  justification, that your loss is real, as is your grief. Faith as a confidence, that when and if, you find the strength to go further, that your heart has the ability to expand and welcome a new life. You can have a new opportunity enter into your life without forgetting your past.

This December, lets light a candle for faith and a new beginning.

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Ursula Sabia Sukinik
Ursula Sabia Sukinik has been blessed to work with and support thousands of couples through all types of births. She is a senior birth worker in the Washington DC Metro area who owns and operates Birth You Desire which offers a variety of services including classes, doula services, doula trainings, workshops, lectures, TENs unit rentals and much more. You can learn more at

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