Revisiting My Loss with my Rainbow

Much of what I write about has to do with getting through a pregnancy after a loss. Whenever any member of our community brings a healthy baby home we celebrate. But the PAL journey doesn’t end there.   Pregnancy after loss then becomes parenting after loss. I have heard from many of my clients that the [...]

The subtle

When you met your partner, and the two of you committed to one another (whether this occurred privately between the two of you or publicly with a ceremony), you envisioned happiness in your future. Sure, there would be bumps, but at that time, it was hard to imagine anything that could shake the solid foundation [...]

Branded, Marked & Tattooed

Almost immediately after I lost my first baby at 13 weeks, I wanted a tattoo as a physical reminder of my baby. After the marks of trauma had disappeared and the pain had subsided, the emotional wound remained. I felt marked forever—my heart was broken, never to return to its former shape. But on the [...]

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We Are Talking About It

It’s one of the secondary losses we experience around pregnancy loss—we lose our baby and then we realize that talking about is taboo. Those closest to us may prove awkward in our company. We don’t know where to find other parents like us. All at once, this silencing shutters our stories, asks us to shoulder [...]

An Unexpected Piece of Advice During Pregnancy After Loss

During my PAL I attempted countless times to explain to friends and family how challenging it was to trust that this pregnancy would go well. When people asked if I was excited, I often used terms like "hopefully", "we'll see what happens" and "if we get to bring this baby home."  It felt so lonely that [...]

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To the Loss Dad on Father’s Day

Another Mother's Day is behind us, but Father's Day is right around the corner. Loss dads deserve our acknowledgement, empathy, and understanding.  They are our co-parents, our partners, and often our supporters.  While every family is different and every partnership is different, we have all experienced a horrible loss.  So, loss dads, I'm talking to [...]

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Heather’s Bump Day Blog, Week 38: Ready? Set? No.

Less than 2 weeks separate me and the greatly anticipated birth day! (*Cue the confetti and party whistles*) I don’t know if it’s because this pregnancy has flown by, or if it’s just a natural heartache for a momma to know a pregnancy is almost finished, but my mind has a hard time wrapping itself [...]

8 Ways I’m Becoming The Mother I Want To Be

When my daughter died I became a shell of the mother I was supposed to be. I was depressed. I was hurting. I was anxious. I was bereft. I was left to parent my surviving twin and I knew I couldn't give him everything he needed because half of my heart was in heaven. Those [...]

Heather’s Bump Day Blog, Week 34: So Not Picture Perfect

I’m sure you’ve seen them—those photos posted on social media of someone holding a cup of hot coffee, snuggled into a thick cozy blanket. Sometimes it’s in bed, other times it's in front of a fireplace including a book they’re reading. No matter the details, each of those photos just feels…peaceful…calm. Well friend, let me [...]