PAL Awareness Photo Challenge 2017

Welcome to Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) Awareness Month Photo Challenge, March 2016. What is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month? In the world of pregnancy after loss there is a story of hope about a precious new life, and it’s the story of the rainbow baby. It is based on the understanding that the beauty of the [...]

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10 Reminders for my Body and Heart as I Try to Conceive

"The flower of life" The idea of being pregnant again is exciting and, mostly, overwhelming. Sometimes it seems so daunting, so scary. Yet, wanting a baby is such a strong pull. Whenever something is so big and so important and so scary, I try to focus on the here and now. Break it [...]

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Ask the Expert: Scared to take a Pregnancy Test

Ask the Expert is a column at Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) where members of the community ask questions of experts who treat moms who are pregnant after loss. Visit our Ask the Expert page to submit a question. *Disclaimer: Pregnancy After Loss Support does not give medical or psychological advice. We are strictly a peer-to-peer support resource [...]

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Holding on to Hope

Last Saturday Lindsey Goodwin interviewed me about my work with Pregnancy After Loss Support for her podcast, Tiny Giant Losses. When she asked me how I held onto hope while trying to conceive and then pregnant after loss, I remembered the onesies that my husband and I collected while trying to conceive our subsequent pregnancy. [...]

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The most devastatingly beautiful game of hide and seek ever played

Don't cry mommy. Look at me. you can trust me. Close your eyes and count to ten. Count slow. "One" Mommy losing me will feel impossible to cope with. So, I ask that you think of it differently. Spiritual eyes mommy, spiritual eyes. "Two" When you open your eyes you will no longer see me. [...]

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7 Ways I’m taking care of myself in the New Year

I have a love/hate relationship with each New Year’s celebration, especially since our son Patrick was born still in 2014. Three years ago (2013), we announced our first pregnancy to my side of the family in the middle of Epcot Center in Disney World on New Year’s Eve. I think the entire park heard the [...]

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Pregnancy After Loss Support’s Top Ten Most-Read articles of 2016

PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support) proudly supports families that are pregnant again after a pregnancy, infant, or child loss. One of the ways we support our community is through our online magazine. We hope to reach even more courageous mamas in 2017! Our most-read articles from 2016: 1. 14 Things No One Tells You About [...]

Can I Love Another Baby?

Love grows. It might seem unimaginable that there is space in your heart to love more, yet that space is created. Think about the love you have for your partner. For most of us, that love didn’t happen overnight. It might have started as a kernel we thought of as friendship or attraction. It expanded [...]

Meh-ry Christmas?

The holidays are so happy for everybody! Maybe. I just had to say that. The holidays can bring a maelstrom of feelings for many. The Hellidays. Meh-ry Christmas. When you are grieving, the holidays can feel overwhelming. This can be worsened by others’ demands for traditional activities, places, foods, and happiness. When my daughter was [...]

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