The Healing Power of Storytelling: Expecting Sunshine Documentary

I believe in the healing power of stories. By listening to others and by being open with our own experiences, we can break down the walls of pain and isolation. We can be freed through this vulnerability. We create community by communicating, accepting and celebrating one another’s unique journeys. Through my loss and the new [...]

Loss and Life Afterwards

The journey of loss and healing can often feel like it will never end. I still remember the day my life changed forever. It started out with an unassuming prenatal appointment… My name is Alexis Marie Chute and this is my first monthly column on PALS. I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me [...]

Rainbow Birth Story: Everett

Thinking about delivering our rainbow was a source of anxiety for me the whole pregnancy.  Since we didn’t find out about the extent of Oberon’s health issues until after he was born, I knew I wouldn’t feel like this pregnancy was truly different until baby was out and checked.  I tried to prepare myself for [...]

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Noah’s Birth Story (Mom’s Perspective)

When I wrote my Week 36 Bump Day Blog entry on November 12th, I had a feeling that I wasn't actually going to make it to 36 weeks: I had been up the entire previous night with contractions.  This wasn't particularly unusual for me, though, as Noah was typically more active at night than during [...]

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Noah’s Birth Story, from His Dad’s Perspective

When we made it to November 1st and Kristen was still pregnant, we were thrilled. We've had a planned C-section date of November 24 since maybe week 8 of the pregnancy. That date has a lot of meaning for us because it marks exactly four years since the day that we first met. It also [...]

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Reclaiming My Birth Story

Her birth was not what I had planned. Well, actually it went according to plan. She was delivered on time at 37 weeks and 1 day gestation through a scheduled c-section. At 8:47 a.m. her lips breathed her first breath and with a much-awaited and dreamed-of wail, she entered the world screaming, her little being [...]

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Rainbow Birth Story: Arlo Hunter

Rainbow Birth Story by Joanna Goodall My name is Joanna and I am courageous. Two years ago my second born son, Hunter, passed away when he was 10 days old from an infectious disease that is more common than a cold. He passed away from something that more than 80% of people get but something [...]

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Rainbow Birth Story: Michelle’s Story

Rainbow Birth Story by Michelle Gurule I had a miscarriage and D&C on July 23rd, 2007. I got pregnant with my rainbow July of 2010. My rainbow was definitely not planned, but he is definitely loved. I found out at my first ultrasound that he had a high umbilical cord. The midwives and I really had no [...]

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Rainbow Birth Story: Zoey Lenora Levis

Birth Story by Chelsea Levis Our doctor told us that after losing Timothy, going through another pregnancy would be the second hardest thing we’d have to do. At that time, I couldn’t imagine adding another “hard” thing to my life. We lost Timothy’s heartbeat during a normal labor at 41 weeks. When we said a [...]

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Rainbow Birth Story: Jonah

Rainbow Birth Story by Mira Kline We welcomed Jonah into our lives on January 29, 2015, a baby boy who opened his eyes to the world and was born crying loudly as if to announce he was here and ok and everyone could breathe easy. It couldn't have been in starker contrast to my labor [...]

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