What’s in a Name: Stories Behind Rainbow Baby Names

What’s in a name? A lot actually, especially in the world of pregnancy after loss. When I was pregnant with my rainbow baby (a baby born after another baby that has died), I wanted the name of my second child to have meaning. I had worked so hard to get that baby here and I [...]

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When Everyday Symbols become Triggers during Pregnancy after Loss

Symbols of the holiday bring comfort and joy—familiar symbols remind us of loved ones and favorite rituals. But when these symbols are paired with the loss of a baby, they become painful.  Their meaning becomes layered with the loss—it becomes difficult or perhaps impossible to separate these favorite symbols from what is now a sad and [...]

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‘Tis the Season to be Both Sad and OK

The holiday season is portrayed as a fun time of the year with parties, celebrations, family gatherings, and gift giving. But it also can be a challenging time filled with sadness, loneliness, and reflection. This is very true, especially for families trying to conceive, pregnant, or parenting after loss (PAL). Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash [...]

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Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 14: Meeting with the MFM

We had another appointment with the maternal fetal medicine specialist (MFM) on Monday. I was actually fine leading up to the appointment all last week and even yesterday. But, of course the anxiety came back this morning and I was freaking out right before. I tried to do my calming breathing technique, but just couldn't [...]

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Kasey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 29: Mixed Emotions

This was a big week that has contained a mix of feelings for me. I started out feeling great about finally being in the third trimester. I was enjoying this new milestone. I felt like we were finally getting close to making it through this pregnancy and this baby joining us. We started registering, had [...]

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12 Ways to Honor Your Child this Holiday Season

Loss parents crave connection with their children who died, and we don’t forget about them during the holidays. We miss our children that left earth too soon even more. We asked our community how they including their children that are no longer with us in their holiday celebrations. Photo by D A V I D [...]

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The Case for Seeing a Therapist During Pregnancy after Loss

I was talking to a friend recently about my current pregnancy. It’s my fifth pregnancy, but my fourth after loss. I had just passed the gestational age at which I lost my daughter, Lily, and I was telling my friend how hard it was again to make it through that time. It seemed silly to [...]

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Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 13: Planning for the Baby

As of last Sunday, I am officially 13 weeks and almost out of the first trimester. Most people breathe a sense of relief after leaving the first trimester because that is supposedly when the miscarriage rates drop and also when some of the annoying first trimester symptoms start to go away. Even though I had [...]

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6 Ways Family and Friends can Support the Mom Pregnant Again After Loss

After my first pregnancy ended in the stillbirth of my daughter the last thing I wanted to do was think about having another child. I was broken and defeated. I had felt like my body had failed me and that I had failed my daughter, but I more than anything that I wanted to be [...]

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The Other PAL: Patience. Assistance. Love (and Learning).

What comes up when you think about pregnancy after loss (PAL)? For many of us, it is fear, anxiety, worry, and wonder, all wrapped up in excitement, hope and yearning. But does it have to focus on the negative and scary? OK, bear with me now. I know you're thinking, easy for you to say, [...]