5 Ways to GIVE Support to PAL Parents

In my first pregnancy after loss, I was  terrified of losing another child. I couldn't picture giving birth to a baby that lived. It was a paralyzing fear. Despite the fact that I was so eager to have and love that next baby with all my heart, that pregnancy was rough. It was a season [...]

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B’sha’ah Tovah: All in Good Time

I used to be a pretty superstitious person. And then all of sudden, I wasn't. Well that's not entirely true, I may still have some leftover quirks, but after we lost Baby Krueger, I realized that I just can't be that person any more. While I've never been a gambler, playing the odds when it [...]

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Forgetting Details about the Baby I Lost

Sometimes the death that took them, since it's often the final tangible moment on earth we have of them, shadows the memories of the babies we hoped for and dreamed of. Sadly, sometimes in our minds that individual becomes what happened to them, and memories of the unique baby we were growing begin to slip [...]

Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 26 – I’m Not Sorry

Everyone grieves differently and everyone’s loss is different. No two people can fully understand what the other’s exact feelings are, but for those that experienced that dark, and lonely road of pregnancy/child loss, they can relate to the horrible emotions. Despite so many changes our world has made, and strides taken to raise awareness so [...]

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Finding Presence of Mind During PAL

It never really goes away, does it? The fear. The anxiety. The wonder and worry. Sure it subsides sometimes, even for long periods of time, but it is always happy to rear its ugly head and hit you smack in the face when you're not expecting it. I guess I should've expected it in pregnancy [...]

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Rainbow Babies aren’t Replacements

Rainbow babies aren't replacements, and the first person we have to convince this of is ourself. Many of us wanted to be pregnant immediately after we found out our baby wasn't for earth. Many of us wanted to be pregnant again with the same gender we got attached to but never got to experience in [...]

Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 18 – Please Slow Down (or, how it’s different this time)

I sometimes wonder what it’s like to have all of your pregnancies be more-or-less the same. Get pregnant, grow a bump, fill out a baby book, decorate a nursery, sometimes with one or two or more other children running around. Go to 38 or 40 or 41 weeks, go to the hospital, come home with [...]

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Book Review: Expecting Sunshine by Alexis Marie Chute

When Lindsey Henke founded Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) almost three years ago, there were few resources for women who were pregnant after a pregnancy, infant, or child loss (PAL). In those three years, PALS has contributed to newfound awareness of the unique nature of the PAL experience and more resources are available. Just last [...]

Car Seat Safety

Car seat safety is critical to your child's health and well being. However making sense of all of the options and necessities can be very infusing. Here is Birth You Desire's quick guide for you. The safest car set for you child is one that fits your child, fits your car, and is easy for [...]

Guilty Confession: I wanted a girl (*)

I never hoped I would have a daughter. I simply assumed I would. Being the oldest of four sisters myself, I somewhat assumed after one got pregnant, one naturally had a baby girl. I had two boys. Two gorgeous, live, healthy, beautifully crazy and loving boys that are pure joy. When I got pregnant the [...]

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