Managing Anxiety During the 20-Week Ultrasound

You’ve made it through the first trimester! Early miscarriage is no longer a fear. You feel more energetic. Your appetite has returned and hopefully you’re feeling better. The only thing that may not have eased is the fear and anxiety that seem to always persist. You’re still waiting for the other shoe to drop, even [...]

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Tips from PAL Moms: Joining a Pregnancy after Loss Support Group

Tips from PAL (pregnant after loss) Moms is a column at PALS Magazine where we ask you, the PAL mom, for feedback about your experience during pregnancy after loss. We ask a question on our Facebook Page and hope that you can help answer it while also benefiting from the answers, all in an effort [...]

When Pregnancy Feels Like Purgatory

Pregnancy after loss is an intense season of waiting. It's a season of being stranded somewhere between what might have been and what might be. For me, pregnancy after loss felt like some version of purgatory. The waiting was painful and it caused me to wonder if I would be left in darkness or carried [...]

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Therapy is optional: 4 ways to support grievers without pushing therapy

Bandelier National Monument Therapy is great. Therapy can be life-giving and life-saving and a necessary coping mechanism for surviving loss. Short term, long term, sporadic… couples, individual, group… there are a ton of options for folks to find something that helps. I am pro therapy for anyone and everyone who wants it. No [...]

Moments with my Rainbow

Photo by Susana Coutinho on Unsplash Moments during Pregnancy “Please, baby, move. Let me know you’re there,” were the words I whisper to her through my third trimester belly upon waking anxiously from a deep sleep. Intuitively I knew two or three hours of slumber had passed where I was not aware of Zoe’s movements, so [...]

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Guilt while Parenting after Loss

Guilt. It can paralyze us. Or is can push us into action. Guilt can show up when we are acting in a way that doesn’t sync with our values. Or guilt can be like a parasite living in our shadows and sucking up our energy, our times, and our self-worth. Photo by Katie Emslie on Unsplash [...]

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Toxic Loss

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role of gender in our society. In some cultures, gender is constructed as far more fluid than it is in the mainstream United States, where it tends to be seen as existing as a binary (either male or female). This blog has explored the meaning of gender [...]

Why I Love to Babywear My Rainbow

Photo: Sublime Photo Art Some parents and caregivers love babywearing. Some do not. Some babies love to be worn in a wrap or a baby carrier, some strongly dislike it. But for me with my rainbows, babywearing has been incredibly meaningful and in some ways even healing. Four years ago, my mom and [...]

Inside a Pregnant After Loss Mama’s Mind: In Between Appointments

It’s Sunday and I have an OB appointment on Thursday. The last few days I’ve been trying not to think about the upcoming appointment. Trying to find a way to distract myself from what’s coming up. Everything is fine right now. That’s all I need to focus on. In this moment, everything is okay. But, [...]

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