Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 18: Anatomy Scan

My anatomy scan was on the 14th and was something I had been dreading. Even though I regularly see the MFM, who checks all the organs and parts every time I go, I was still scared that something would pop up now that the baby was big enough to see more. The morning of, I [...]

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The Emotional Experience Surrounding Genetic Testing in Pregnancy After Loss After 40

I’ve been “advanced maternal age” for all of my pregnancies except the first one. Then I was 33, but I lost my daughter just shy of my 34th birthday. My subsequent pregnancies were then at 35, 37, and 39.  I’m currently expecting again at 42. Once you hit your forties, genetic testing isn’t just recommended, [...]

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Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 17: The Upcoming Anatomy Scan

My anatomy scan is coming up quickly and is only about a week away. It is something I have been both dreading and looking forward to. I’m scared to go because even though we have had normal ultrasounds up until this point, I am still afraid they will find something wrong. On the other hand, [...]

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The Intention of Goals

In college, I had my life figured all out...or so I thought. I'd get a job. Move into the city with friends. Establish my career. Marry at 27. And start having the first of my two kids at 30 (so my husband and I could have some time as “just us” first). Well, let’s see [...]

Kasey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 32: Preparing and Reflecting

At 32 weeks, the discomforts are increasing, sleep is very interrupted, and I am feeling more tired than I have been for a while. At some moments I feel like the remaining eight weeks until my due date are not nearly enough to logistically get ready for this baby. I am aware of all the [...]

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The Gifts We Have

In thinking about pregnancy after loss the other day, I referred to it as 9 months of overwhelming emotions - joy, grief, hope, and fear. As I revisited that statement a little while later, I realized that it was based on one very big assumption – a pregnancy would last 9 months. In the world [...]

Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: Shopping for the New Baby

We went into a baby store over the weekend to look for some furniture for the new baby. I always love the smell of the baby stores because it’s a familiar smell. As we went in though, I realized the last time we set foot in one was for our son. With all the stress [...]

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Celebrities that have Opened up about Pregnancy and Child Loss in 2018

With the recent news of Michelle Obama opening up about her struggles with miscarriage and fertility in her new memoir, Becoming, we thought we would acknowledge other loss mamas and papas that have either joined our dreaded club this year or have shared about their long time membership to our club in 2018.   View [...]

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Pregnancy After Loss Support’s Most-Read Articles of 2018

What a year it's been at PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support)! It was a year of tremendous growth. We added Meet-Up locations, continued to provide online support to Courageous PAL Mamas, exhibited at perinatal conferences, and raised over $23,000 to continue to support and advocate for the pregnancy after loss community. One of the ways [...]

Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 15: An Emotional Holiday Season

I now have hit 15 weeks, which is only 5 weeks away from half-way. Sometimes this pregnancy seems to be going by super fast and I can’t believe I am almost half-way done.  Other times, it seems to drag and I look at the 25 weeks ahead I still have and wonder how I will [...]

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