Getting the Care You Need during Pregnancy after Loss

In June 2015, I wrote an article about how to navigate your preconception visit with your healthcare provider, which included questions to ask and considerations to make on your part when trying to select a provider for a prospective Pregnancy After Loss. Now that you’ve picked a provider, this writing will focus on making sure [...]

Why do childbirth classes after a loss?

All birthing couples need birth preparation, especially loss couples. After a loss, the couple may not think they need classes but it is even more important to be properly educated this time around. With a subsequent pregnancy there is additional stress. Many parents report stress over fear of the unknown or fear of a repeat [...]

Courageous Mama for Cesarean Awareness 2016

Meet Our Courageous Mama for Cesarean Awareness Month... Danielle Reeder  I am a courageous mama because... Last year, on April 12, 2015 my husband and I lost our first daughter to stillbirth, just 9 days before she was due. I hadn't felt her move that day and got out our home heart monitor and couldn't [...]

Bedrest Challenges and Successes

Just as every pregnancy is different, every woman's experience with bed rest is different. Some women may know early on that because of their medical histories, they will have to go on bed rest at some point in their pregnancies. Others might be surprised to hear their doctors announce, after a routine appointment, that they'll [...]

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On the Body

My body, despite its losses, fairs well during pregnancy. I don’t swell. I don’t ache. There are symptoms here in my final month of what is likely my final pregnancy, sure, but nothing worthy of complaint. As I mentally prepare myself for labor, I recall that my body has labored twice before, for the son [...]

Separation While PAL or Parenting After Loss

Some of you may read this and shudder to think that someone would consider separating from their partner while PAL or parenting after loss.  Others will wonder why this hasn't been talked about sooner.  Surviving the loss of a child is hard on a partnership.  Parenting is hard, too.  Sometimes, this makes the perfect storm. [...]

When One-Size Prenatal Care Does Not Fit All

We lived in Chile through my first three pregnancies, the first two of which I lost. There, my prenatal care felt like emotional care. I had one doctor for every appointment and numerous ultrasounds. He expected to see my husband at each visit. We were all in it together on through to the moment he [...]

Using you BRAIN

When life comes at you full force and presents you with a change in course, it is important to know what options are available to you. Informed consent is the only way to make an educated decision or choice. Informed decision means you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each option available. This understanding is [...]

Hope Shines Right Inside

The ultrasound wand rolls across my belly, as it has now for four babies. One has made it into the world and we are hopeful this one will, too. My husband sits beside me, our daughter in the stroller between us. We are all watching the large screen up on the wall as it reveals [...]

Using Therapy as a Tool

Americans are proud of their heritage of “picking ourselves up by our bootstraps.” We strive for autonomy and independence which are cultural norms. We, as a society, are very loathing to ask for help or assistance of any kind.  Essentially, we are taught to not be needy and to be able to stand on our [...]