Celebrating (Surviving) Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. It’s hard to know what to write about it because I’m not quite sure how to celebrate it as a loss and a rainbow mom. I never knew how many conflicting feelings and complex emotions one day would elicit. But it does. Conventional wisdom says you’re a mother to be celebrated on Mother’s [...]

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What Loss Moms Want Others to Know about Mother’s Day

Guest Post by Melissa Ayala With my first Mother’s Day with my rainbow beside me, and the third with my angel in my heart, I wanted to write about this day. A fellow loss mom posed the question to a group, “If you can say anything about Mother’s Day, what would it be?” And it [...]

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The Pride in Sharing Mother’s Day

My son, C's umbilical cord fell off on Mother's Day 2013. To many, this is a disgusting fact to remember, let alone tell others. But to me, it was so packed with symbolism. You see, he was our first baby we actually were able to bring home after our seven losses. And he came to [...]

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Rebecca’s Bump Day Blog, Week 35: Normalcy

For the vast majority of the last two years, I can tell you almost exactly what any given Friday looked like for me. After having a cup of coffee and before leaving for work, I mix up a batch of pizza dough. I leave the dough to slowly ferment on the counter while my husband [...]

A Meaningful Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a trigger for bereaved Moms. I experience this every year, even seven years after my son Zachary died. I’m grateful for International Bereaved Mother’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate my bond with my child I carry in my heart. Still, the month of May can be hard. This is why I [...]

Already a mom

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash I have two living children. My daughter was born after several years of "unexplained infertility". My son was born four years later, after several years of heartbreaking losses in my first and second trimesters. I remember how confusing that Mother's Day was after he was born. My son was a [...]

Wandering Through Sex After Loss

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash It starts off fun, mysterious. You don't know what to expect. It is everything you thought it would be. It is nothing you thought it would be. As I make the journey through motherhood, loss, and recovery, it changes, transitions as I seem to be. Sex. After our loss, sex [...]

7 Things the Mom Parenting a Baby Born after Loss does Differently than other Moms

Guest Post by Melissa Ayala Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash 1. You don’t sweat the small stuff. I once heard a story about a loss mom that was pregnant again with twins. Everyone would tell her things like, “You’re gonna be swimming in diapers!” And her answer to that was, "I sure hope so!" [...]

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Three Things I Learned about Grief at the Four-Year Mark

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our son Patrick’s fourth birthday (Patrick was born still on April 2, 2014). We were feeling confident in our birthday traditions and grief journey, so we didn’t plan for the world to stop this year for his birthday. Through his past three birthdays, we’d learned that the days leading [...]

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Life With Noah: Our Hopes and Dreams for Our Child

Life has been pretty hectic since my last PALS post. In the last month, we’ve: Been assessed by a pediatric audiologist - All of the testing he was able to complete was normal, but we have to return later this year to attempt to finish the testing. Noah’s intolerance to anything on his head/in his [...]

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