Naming a Rainbow Baby

There are bloggers just dedicated to baby names. Ever since my first pregnancy, I’ve followed a few because I find the subject of naming a child fascinating. And quite a few have written about how naming a second child (or third, or fourth…) is much harder than naming your first. Maybe because your favourite name [...]

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Life After Loss: Forever Changed

Here I am, three years and some out from my son dying in my husband's arms. I've gone through moments of thick, black, heavy darkness, and I've had moments where a smile creeps across my face. I've sobbed in front of strangers talking of my boy, and other times I've held back, not saying anything [...]

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What DO You Say To A Grieving Parent?

I have been very open about our losses from the beginning. I got a lot of different responses from people during those times, and even when I have been vocal about them since. Some people said they were sorry, and couldn’t imagine what we were going through. Others said that something was probably wrong with [...]

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Rainbow Round-Up: Rainbow Products at Target

We all fell further in love with Target (I mean, what mama doesn't love Target?!) when they released the Cat & Jack™ Oh Hello Little Rainbow bodysuit. As soon as photos of that infant bodysuit started showing up online, so many Courageous Mamas headed right to Target to get their own. Members of the community even [...]

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Only in my Dreams and in my Heart

Some grow up before our eyes, others, in our hearts. Raising your little brothers, Joislen, is such a lovely aspect of motherhood. I only wish you were here to experience all this with us, here for me to watch grow, too. I raised you in another sense of the word. You were raised to eternal [...]

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Mind Games

My body wakes up on its own, in the middle of the night, every night that I trudge through the two week wait. My body is exhausted, but my mind won’t comply. All I want to do is sleep. But instead, I have researched every potential symptom I have to see if I’m pregnant, while [...]

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Finding Grace for Each Pregnancy after Loss Experience

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash My daughter is turning two in a month, and recently I’ve been thinking a lot about her birth. I’m finally removed enough from the experience that I think I can actually process the details surrounding her birth. I’ve also given myself permission to have a little freak-out about how scary [...]

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Life With Noah: In Another Woman’s Care

One of the biggest changes in the Paul household in the past couple of months is that Noah started attending daycare. The decision to leave my child in another woman’s care was a difficult one; until he started daycare, Noah had only been in the care of a handful of people (7 total, including my [...]

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Hand-Me-Downs for the Rainbow

Before I learned about the complication in my pregnancy with Zachary, I had been amassing a small collection of baby boy clothes. My first child was a girl, Hannah, and so I was starting from scratch. I picked up cute onesies form Costco and was given newborn to twelve-month-old clothes from friends and family. Some [...]

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Parenting the one who’s not here

In December I had the chance to read [PALS founder] Lindsey Henke’s piece, Invisible Motherhood. In it she discusses the fear of forgetting the baby you lost, especially when life goes on and new children come into your world. How do you continue parenting the one who’s not here? She writes about her ritual for [...]

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