Adoption is not a Lifetime Movie

I'm an open book when it comes to sharing the story of our losses. I'm always willing to talk about how we adopted and then went on to successfully carry two pregnancies to term. Sharing these stories are my way of still continuing to process what has happened, and honoring our children who aren't with [...]

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Handling Stress in Your Rainbow Pregnancy and Postpartum Periods

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash Everyone knows that stress affects the body. And being a rainbow parent adds a whole new dimension to fears and worries. Stress can affect your sleep, digestion, headaches, motivation, and mental health conditions. Stress lowers your immunity and makes challenging daily situations more intense. Pregnancy and bringing your newborn home [...]

A letter to my earth humans

Because I love you more than you know and because I didn't always feel like the best mother, I want you to know... I apologize I apologize for whenever I lost my temper. I apologize if I wasn’t patient enough. I apologize for the many times you saw me cry and couldn’t understand why. I [...]

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Raising An “Only Child” Who Isn’t…

"Is he your only child?" Of all of the questions I am asked about my rainbow, Noah, this is one of the most difficult for me to answer. From the standpoint of having a sibling, he is not an only child. He has an older brother, William, who died at birth just over 15 months before [...]

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Sunshine & Rainbow–Equally Loved

As my two girls grow older, and I am forced to tuck away their clothes that they have grown out of, I’m left with 2 huge, clear plastic tubs of clothes I’ll probably just store for a few years and then get rid of. Instead of this wasted space, as I’m trying to simplify our [...]

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Parenting After Loss: Is Getting By Good Enough?

For a long time after Oberon died, we didn't make any huge decisions. We still wanted a family with living children, so we focused on that. We've been so focused on having a living baby and caring for a living baby...that we haven't thought about much else. I feel so unprepared for what's to come. [...]

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5 Reasons to Take a Million Pictures of your Rainbow Baby

At the Make Way for Ducklings statues in Boston. The ducklings were wearing their rainbow scarves. A few weeks ago my daughter and I went on an outing with a few friends. As we toured some of the favorite spots in Boston, I snapped many--probably hundreds, if I'm honest-- pictures of my daughter. [...]

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Postpartum Nesting

Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash When people hear that newborns sleep between 16-18 hours a day, there is a common misconception that this occurs all at once, or in longer chunks than the realistic 2-3 hours (maybe once a day a stretch of 4 hours, if you’re lucky!). There is the idea that postpartum is [...]

Life With Noah: Similar, But Not The Same

As a loss mother, one of the things I struggle with is how much my two sons – the one I lost moments after birth and the one who walks beside me – look alike. One of the first thoughts that popped into my mind as I gazed upon my newborn rainbow Noah was, “He [...]

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