Life With Noah: Holding on to Hope

It's been a hectic month in the Paul household.  As I mentioned in last month's post, we started a fresh IVF cycle, which meant a lot of *very* early morning back and forth trips to my monitoring location (an hour and a half - each way - from our home); we also took Noah to [...]

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Pregnancy And Infant Loss: A Children’s Book List

Children's literature is filled with beautiful stories that range from teaching kids about the world around them to morality lessons to plain and simple silliness. There are also an abundance of titles that deal with emotionally complicated and difficult topics, like death and grief. But the specific topic of pregnancy and infant loss is more [...]

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You Deserve Support

After our second miscarriage, I had a really hard time recovering. The first one was hard enough. Since it "never" happens, how could I even fathom it happening a second time to us? That was impossible, I thought, so I think it hit me in the gut twice as hard. I had no idea what [...]

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After the storm came the hurricane. A story about PPD with a rainbow.

Alexander let out the tiniest of cries when his head emerged. Not yet fully born and making himself known was a sign to me. The sign of being deadset on living. As his whole body was born I remember my thoughts saying, "God, he is big." Followed by a weigh in one hour after birth, 10lbs 2oz [...]

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The Context of Loss on Parenting

During the pregnancy after loss journey, there is a lot of focus on what the pregnancy experience is like (and for good reason). This experience is often compared to the experience of the previous loss pregnancy, which can bring up both anxiety and comfort. Thoughts about making it past the “loss milestone” can dominate the [...]

Waving the White Flag: Sleep Deprivation and Anxiety

Before we tried to get pregnant, I consulted with a perinatal psychiatrist to go over my medications, their risks, and changes that needed to be made to take care of baby and me through pregnancy and postpartum. See, I have stubborn depression and anxiety. After years and years of struggling, my psychiatrist and I found [...]

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Life With Noah: Because of Hope

A couple of months ago, I was shopping for a baby gift for a friend when I bumped into a pair of little grey fleece footie pajamas with clouds and airplanes on them.  Everything about those pajamas made me smile; the smallness (despite the fact that they would have been huge on Noah when he was [...]

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Parenting is Hard

One of my favorite lines in Expecting Sunshine documentary is spoken by bereaved mom Kiley Hanish, founder of the Return to Zero Center for Healing. Kiley talks about parenting after the loss of a child as challenging, but admits that parenting – in general – is hard. I love that honestly! Every time the film [...]

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