On this Day: Hope

This morning, a memory popped up on Facebook of my husband holding our five-week-old baby girl. I remember when it was taken. He had been back at work for a week, and she had just graduated into newborn clothes rather than the preemies she’d been wearing for weeks. She was snuggled on his chest, like [...]

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Let’s Talk About Miscarriage

I never thought it would be me. Maybe it was sweet naivety because this was my first pregnancy. Maybe it was ignorance because I never saw it happen to anyone I knew well. Or maybe it was just misinformation that silence can perpetuate. Whatever the reason, I was far removed from the reality of baby [...]

Create a Legacy Project for your Baby

A “legacy project,” as I call it, is a great way to remember your baby that died and a special way to make him or her a part of your family moving forward. A “legacy” is something which is passed down, something given from one generation to another. Though our children’s deaths are natural order [...]

The Chosen Ones: Getting The Call

"They chose you." It was the call we'd been waiting for, and one we were terrified by. After all, we had received a call like this once before, only to end in the disappointment of a failed match. So this time, we were excited and hopeful, but cautious because we didn't want to get hurt [...]

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PAL: It Takes A Village

Whether it's pregnancy after loss or parenting after loss, we need support. Sometimes the people who were in our lives before our loss don't know what to do, and we loss moms don't always know what we need.  That's where peer-to-peer support groups can come in and help in ways we never imagined. In person [...]

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PAL Awareness Photo Challenge 2017

Welcome to Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) Awareness Month Photo Challenge, March 2016. What is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month? In the world of pregnancy after loss there is a story of hope about a precious new life, and it’s the story of the rainbow baby. It is based on the understanding that the beauty of the [...]

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The Dreaded Invitation

How can you survive a holiday or special event without your angel(s) physically present? My first piece of advice is, don't go if you can't. If you have done a lot of emotional work and are actually getting out of bed these days, can I just say congratulations? Whether your loss is recent, it's been [...]

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It Can’t Be Perfect

A few days before my son, Patrick’s, first birthday, I sat in my office chair talking on the phone with a fellow loss mom and friend. I had become paralyzed with indecision. I didn’t know if I should make him a birthday crown, a tradition I’d hoped to start for each of my children. Was [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 9: Being Thankful

Last Thursday was the big day. It was the day I had been counting down to since I saw those two pink lines on a pregnancy test. It was the day I thought wouldn’t come fast enough. Thursday, was the day we would finally see Baby F and have peace of mind if he/she had [...]

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Because I Am the Mother of Two Daughters and an Invisible Son

Editor’s Note: We at Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) know that we serve many moms from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The following is one mom’s experience of the Women's March. This article may not resonate with you, and that is ok, but we will not tolerate any shaming or judgmental language in response to this [...]

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