Dear Momma…We Love You, Fellow PAL Momma

Dear Momma, We love you, fellow PAL momma, your children too--be them heaven-bound, womb-growers or earthlings; we love you. What gets you through these days? Are you a more logical, numbers person? Is it the fact that the chances are very slim that history will repeat itself? Does it help to know that fact that even [...]

Dear Courageous Mama…Who feels like a Ticking Time Bomb

Getting some belly love from a friend at my baby shower. Dear Courageous Mama who feels like a Ticking Time Bomb, Mama, will you sit and chat with me for a bit? I’m having a rest on the couch and would love the company. Grab a cup of tea and prop yourself up [...]

Dear Mama…It is Okay to be Scared

Dear Mama, it is okay to be scared. Pregnancy After Loss is scary. Scarier than I ever imagined it would be. I knew that I would be nervous and anxious and sad, but I never imagined being so scared. I was scared to go to my midwife appointments. I was scared to go to ultrasounds. [...]

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Dear Courageous Mama…Pregnant with your Last Child after a Loss

Dear Courageous Mama...Pregnant with your Last Child after a Loss, Not that long ago,  I was you. I was standing where you are standing right now. I was pregnant with my rainbow baby, my LAST baby. I will not lie. As happy as I was, I was terrified too. Pregnancy after loss is not an easy [...]

Dear Mama Running This Grueling PAL Marathon,

Dear Mama Running This Grueling PAL Marathon, I'm by no means a runner but I've done a few endurance races in my time. Right now you are pregnant after loss and you are in this grueling race you never thought you'd be in, but you have the strength to make it through. There is no [...]

Dear Mom Who Is Waiting

Dear Mom Who Is Waiting, I’m sorry.  No one should have to go through what you’ve been through.  Whether you’re waiting for the right time to try again, actively trying to conceive, pregnant, working with an adoption agency, supporting the foster care system, or exploring any other way to grow your family, you deserve love and [...]

Dear Courageous Mama who Feels Confused: It’s OK

Hey there Courageous Mama, I want you to know it's OK. No, it is not OK that you lost your baby(ies). That will never be OK. What is OK is to feel whatever you're feeling. Scared. Hopeful. Sad. Exhausted. Determined. Angry. Detached. Confused. Excited. The list of emotions is endless, and often cycled through within moments each [...]

Dear PAL Mama… Who Wants to Celebrate

It’s harder to know how now, isn’t it? We all begin innocently enough. We pee on a stick. We jump up and down. We kiss our partners. We think, there, we’ve done it; we’re having a baby. Then, you don’t. Then, maybe, you don’t again. Then, maybe, you do. Maybe, that first time, you also [...]