Dear Superhero Moms Parenting After Loss

Dear Superhero Moms Parenting After Loss, You have to hear this. You are doing a great job. A phenomenal job. Parenting is hard work no matter what your journey to get there looks like. But this parenting after loss gig, I am willing to bet it’s even tougher. Because I don’t think I would have [...]

Dear Single Mama Parenting After Loss…You Are Enough

  Dear Single Mama Parenting After Loss, I see you.  I know you. I am you. I know how hard this new journey is that you're traveling. It was never planned. I know it's not easy being a single mom. It's not the life you dreamed of. It's not the happily ever after you signed on [...]

Dear Courageous Mama…Pregnant with your Last Child after a Loss

Dear Courageous Mama...Pregnant with your Last Child after a Loss, Not that long ago,  I was you. I was standing where you are standing right now. I was pregnant with my rainbow baby, my LAST baby. I will not lie. As happy as I was, I was terrified too. Pregnancy after loss is not an easy [...]

Dear Mama, Welcome to our PAL Love Letter Series

Welcome to the 2nd Annual PAL Love Letter series! We at PALS know first-hand what a struggle pregnancy after loss can be. Last Valentine's Day our founder, Lindsey Henke, was 31-weeks pregnant with her second child. From the beginning over her pregnancy with baby No. 2, she realized that she needed more support, more advice, [...]

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Spread the PAL Love for Valentine’s Day

Holidays are always a challenge after loss--even the most Hallmark of holidays can derail our emotions. We would like to surround you in love from other PAL mamas this Valentine's day. Join us February 1st-14th for our Original PAL Love Letters Series. If you have words of love and support you would like to share [...]

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Dear Courageous Mama…I Am You

Dear Courageous Mama, I am you. Right now I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with my baby after the loss of my first, and only child, at 40 weeks pregnant with my beautiful daughter. I know you, because I am you. I may not have all the same thoughts or the same experiences as you, [...]

Dear Mother-Who-Is-Pulled-In-Two-Directions,

Dear Mother-Who-Is-Pulled-In-Two-Directions, Pregnancy after a loss is a special time and a challenging time. Grief and hormones send you on a roller coaster of emotions. Constantly pulled in two directions, you want to be excited and happy about the child growing inside you, but want to honour and cherish the child that came before. You [...]

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