Dear PAL Mama…There is Safety Here

Dear PAL Mama, Maybe you are new to this designation as a “Babyloss mom” or maybe you’ve known this role for several years. Perhaps this is your first pregnancy after loss or you’ve been down this road before. It’s possible that you have living children or maybe you’ve endured several pregnancies without knowing when you’ll [...]

Dear Superhero Moms Parenting After Loss

Dear Superhero Moms Parenting After Loss, You have to hear this. You are doing a great job. A phenomenal job. Parenting is hard work no matter what your journey to get there looks like. But this parenting after loss gig, I am willing to bet it’s even tougher. Because I don’t think I would have [...]

Dear Single Mama Parenting After Loss…You Are Enough

  Dear Single Mama Parenting After Loss, I see you.  I know you. I am you. I know how hard this new journey is that you're traveling. It was never planned. I know it's not easy being a single mom. It's not the life you dreamed of. It's not the happily ever after you signed on [...]

Dear Mama, Who is Terrified of Having to Say Goodbye Again

Dear Mama, Are you scared? Are you scared everyday in this pregnancy that you will have to say goodbye again? Say goodbye to your child, again?  Are you scared of not ever knowing how this will turn out? Of not knowing what the future holds? Of hearing those words, the silence, of breaking the news? [...]

Dear Mama…She Was Worth It

Dear Mama, It’s harder than you thought, and that’s okay. You’re allowed to struggle and question what is happening. You’re allowed to have bad days, and days you wish would just end. You’re allowed to be human. You had 9+ months of imagining what it’d be like to finally bring a baby home, and you [...]

Dear Mama… It Takes a Village

Dear Mama, Your bravery makes me proud to be in community with you. After losses like ours, your continued hope, love, and endless search for peace inspires me. The way you reach out for connection, for advice, for reassurance in the times when darkness takes hold of you, brings me hope. The way you embrace [...]