Supporting a friend or family through loss

There is nothing like a loss to remind us all that life is fragile. Loss can also be uncomfortable for the friends and family who are at a loss themselves trying to understand how not to say or do the wrong thing or to find a way to support the family. No matter how awkward [...]

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What if it works?

So much of a pregnancy after loss is spent with the all consuming thought: what if it doesn’t work this time too? That thought can linger in the recesses of a person’s mind and grow louder. It tends to crescendo right before a sonogram or a doctor’s appointment, and then fades dramatically once there is [...]

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8 Ways to Remember your Loss or Celebrate Your Angel’s Birth

Losing a baby is never easy. But remembering the baby can be just as intense. It is not uncommon for families to struggle to find ways to honor their little ones memory on their anniversary or other special days. Here are a list of suggestions that have worked for others. I share them and encourage [...]

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When Breastfeeding Sucks: D-MER After Loss

The breastfeeding relationship can be one of great significance to the mother. When there has been a pregnancy or neonatal loss, breastfeeding one’s subsequent child can take on even more meaning. But when the mother encounters difficulties, expected or unexpected, there is a potential for psychological consequences, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and a subjective [...]

5 Important Things to Know About Recurrent Miscarriage

1. First and most important, miscarriage is never your fault. Never ever. There is a reason. We just may not ever figure out what it is. One miscarriage is difficult and heartbreaking. Recurrent miscarriages are confusing and devastating. The timing of a miscarriage may suggest different causes. Kristi Bothur at the blog This Side of Heaven, [...]

Rainbow Clinics are a Thing and They’re Going to Change your Pregnancy After Loss Care

When I was pregnant again after loss, I wanted everyone at my OB’s office to know that I had lost a baby.  I wanted the receptionist to know, the lab technician, the sonographer, the nurses, doctors – anyone with whom I would interact needed to know that I was anxious and scared because of my [...]

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Don’t Sleep on your Back: a report from ISA Cork

Amulets for Nate and Sam The International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) Conference was going to be on September 23-24th. I saw that as a sign. This was going to fall on Nate and Sam’s 10th birthday. I had been to the previous ISA conference, in Vancouver in 2015. It was so well organized and [...]

Common Signs of a Possible Miscarriage  

Miscarriage is a heart wrenching reality. One in four pregnancies will end in a miscarriage before 20 weeks, with most happening within the first 13 weeks. Sometimes understanding why miscarriage happens can help to prevent other future losses. I also believe that by talking about the realities of miscarriage we, as a society, take away the myths [...]

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The Context of Loss on Parenting

During the pregnancy after loss journey, there is a lot of focus on what the pregnancy experience is like (and for good reason). This experience is often compared to the experience of the previous loss pregnancy, which can bring up both anxiety and comfort. Thoughts about making it past the “loss milestone” can dominate the [...]

A Letter to my Rainbow Patients

Dear Mommy who just had a Rainbow Baby, My name is Katie, and I'm going to be your nurse until 7pm. I am going to do an assessment on you and then baby, and then I have some paperwork in this folder to go over with you real quick. It's a lot of information, but [...]

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