The “Last Chance” Pregnancy

Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash The place in time for when a pregnancy after loss occurs differs for each of us. For some, the loss occurred as part of the first pregnancy experience. Others might have had several children before experiencing loss. There can seem to be a lopsidedness in sharing the stories of loss [...]

This isn’t a real problem

“This isn’t a real problem.” That's what I was told, anyway. That pregnancy after a loss wasn't a problem for women. After all, stillbirth hardly happens any more these days. Besides, even if it does, it is so rare it would never happen again. Your next pregnancy will be fine. Relax! When I was anxious [...]

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From Black and White to Color

Grief leaches the color from daily life. Grief is monochromatic. A Seattle-gray day. The sameness can feel endless. Wake up, be smacked by the reality of your grief, crawl through the day, go to sleep, start over. Same ol’, same ol’. You are missing your baby. Yes. Yes, you are. And you will tomorrow, too. [...]

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Coping With Grief–What to Actually Do

*Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash My clients often ask me, “What should I do? Do you have any strategies you can share for how to cope with my grief?” The answer is complicated. For me, this question is deeper than it appears. The grieving client is asking, ”How can I feel less bad?” Or, more [...]

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Being Pregnant after Loss for the Holidays

Being pregnant during the holiday season comes with its own ups and downs. The highlights might include feeling a little freer to indulge in sweets, sharing the news (in a creative way) with family, or having extra time to take off from the normal stresses of life (and a PAL). However, some of these things [...]

How my Miscarriages have Affected my Career

I have been a nurse for six years now, working with several different types of patients, and had never really found the type of nursing I wanted to stay with for my future. I had never even considered Maternal and Infant Health before I had our first daughter, Charlie, but my birth experience was so [...]

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Supporting a friend or family through loss

There is nothing like a loss to remind us all that life is fragile. Loss can also be uncomfortable for the friends and family who are at a loss themselves trying to understand how not to say or do the wrong thing or to find a way to support the family. No matter how awkward [...]

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What if it works?

So much of a pregnancy after loss is spent with the all consuming thought: what if it doesn’t work this time too? That thought can linger in the recesses of a person’s mind and grow louder. It tends to crescendo right before a sonogram or a doctor’s appointment, and then fades dramatically once there is [...]

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8 Ways to Remember your Loss or Celebrate Your Angel’s Birth

Losing a baby is never easy. But remembering the baby can be just as intense. It is not uncommon for families to struggle to find ways to honor their little ones memory on their anniversary or other special days. Here are a list of suggestions that have worked for others. I share them and encourage [...]

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When Breastfeeding Sucks: D-MER After Loss

The breastfeeding relationship can be one of great significance to the mother. When there has been a pregnancy or neonatal loss, breastfeeding one’s subsequent child can take on even more meaning. But when the mother encounters difficulties, expected or unexpected, there is a potential for psychological consequences, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and a subjective [...]