Addressing the Diversity of Experiences in Working with PAL Clients

In working with women who are pregnant again after loss (and their partners), I have realized my task is both simple and complex. While I seek to help clients by normalizing their experience of loss, I also must attend to individual experiences of grief, anger, and fear, as well as moments of joy, relief, and [...]

Give InKind: A Crowd-caring Site by Loss Parents, For Loss Parents

A guest post by Tara Shafer After my son was stillborn, I remember a sea of flowers. I remember my mailbox full of cards. This support meant such a great deal to me. But I, like others, felt alone. Looking back, the isolation I felt was something similar to the [...]

And then the Sun Comes Up the Next Day

I am going through photographs of life that I have taken over the last few years. I have certain ways that I like to shoot photos: The rule of thirds. Shooting into the sun. Shooting close-up. A consistent theme is the way that I look for the sun. Maybe the sun is my reminder that [...]

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Staying Strong Together–Navigating Grief as a Couple

When a pregnancy loss occurs and there are two partners, there will inevitably be two individual experiences and two different grief processes. Also, there is a third grief process, the couples’ joint grief. It can be a challenge to navigate pregnancy loss as a couple and as the therapist working with grieving couples. While there [...]

Meh-ry Christmas?

The holidays are so happy for everybody! Maybe. I just had to say that. The holidays can bring a maelstrom of feelings for many. The Hellidays. Meh-ry Christmas. When you are grieving, the holidays can feel overwhelming. This can be worsened by others’ demands for traditional activities, places, foods, and happiness. When my daughter was [...]

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Pregnancy After Loss and the Holidays

Holidays can be both a time of year that many look forward to and simultaneously dread. There might be many reasons for this: how a family interacts with one another, how families accept adult children, how families cope with stress, as well as what this time of year means to individuals in the family. I [...]

A Shadow of Fear

Fear is an inevitable part of pregnancy after a loss. That fear can intensify during birth, while you anxiously labor and wait to hear that first cry. Fear of the unknown. Fear of pain. Fear of an intervention. Fear of a poor outcome. Fear can stop you in your tracks, leave you frozen and unable to move [...]

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Breaking the silence with nurses

PALS blogger Amanda Ross-White delivers the keynote at the National Nursing Assessment Service Conference Stillbirth does not get enough attention. It does not get enough attention from researchers. It does not get enough attention from the doctors, midwives and nurses who care for us. It does not get enough attention from the public. [...]

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Revisiting My Loss with my Rainbow

Much of what I write about has to do with getting through a pregnancy after a loss. Whenever any member of our community brings a healthy baby home we celebrate. But the PAL journey doesn’t end there.   Pregnancy after loss then becomes parenting after loss. I have heard from many of my clients that the [...]

The Light of Their Memory

Their Light Remains by Dr. Deborah Simmons In this Pregnancy Loss and Infant Awareness Month, I honor babies who have died in utero, at delivery, and in the NICU.  Their spirits remain.  Always. Every day.  In our hearts, and bodies, and minds.  And not just in October. The light of their memory remains [...]

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