The Changing Relationship with One’s Body during Pregnancy after Loss

It is not uncommon for women to struggle in pregnancy with their changing bodies. Even when a woman gains the amount of weight suggested by medical guidelines, she may feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the changes in her body. She knows that a baby is growing inside her and yet she can at times feel [...]

9 Things Pregnant and Parenting after Loss Moms want you to know about Breastfeeding after Loss

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. As the month comes to a close Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) wanted to share the unique experiences pregnant and parenting after loss moms (PAL) face when breastfeeding their babies born after loss. Each mom’s breastfeeding journey differs greatly—even between each child—and those journeys are further complicated by loss of [...]

A Conference for Bereaved Parent Advocates

  So many women and men that have experienced the loss of a child go on to become parent advocates. This is a beautiful thing. After the death of a baby, there is this gloom of isolation; the feeling of being alone in the world while carrying a heavy sorrow. I felt this after Zachary [...]

The Ultrasound during Pregnancy After Loss

The ultrasound is a situation that many women fear if they’ve received bad news in a prior pregnancy during an appointment of this type. Even when a pregnancy is uneventful, women’s experiences of the ultrasound can vary widely. A warm, chatty technician is reassuring for some while for others, someone who appears confident and competent [...]

For Healthcare Professionals: Policy Considerations for the Mom Pregnant after Loss

There are no uniform and adopted guidelines in all hospital and clinic settings that inform perinatal grief practices. Few settings have formalized guidelines to manage this population, and more frequently the policies might be haphazard or are not consistent. Certainly policies are important and reviewing them more so. For pregnancy after a loss (PAL), there [...]

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Taking medication when pregnant

  With my first pregnancy after loss, my grief over losing the boys was still very raw and close to my heart. I still was showing a lot of symptoms of depression, so my doctor kept me on antidepressant medication. In my case, I was prescribed citalopram. With a small dose, I was able to [...]

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The Jinx of the Early Nursery

“Do you have your nursery ready?” This question has always confused me.  I was raised in a Jewish family and Jewish custom is that you do not have a baby shower or prepare a nursery until a baby is born. I couldn’t imagine putting a nursery together.  My mother had two preemies.  I knew that [...]

Beyond PAL: What Happens as You Get Farther Away From the Loss

My pregnancy loss was about 9 years ago. My next baby arrived 8 years ago. My next (and last) baby arrived 5 years ago. Lately, I have been grappling with the fact that I am getting farther and farther away in time from these events. Most of the clients I see both individually and in [...]

Hope and Hesitation:  The Prove It Pregnancy After Loss

Hesitation. Girl full of doubts and hesitation “What are you so worried about?  You’re “just” pregnant. Aren’t you excited?”  Conception, pregnancy, and delivery are just a part of life.  Right? For some people, that is true.  Doctors, family members, and even strangers talk so breezily about pregnancy.  But when you have had one [...]

The 39-week ‘Rule’

I’ve previously written about the 39-week rule and how it is affecting pregnancy after loss mothers, but new research has made this discussion even more important. At last week’s Annual Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, a paper was presented that claimed that stillbirths are increasing in the United States as a result of [...]