A Meaningful Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a trigger for bereaved Moms. I experience this every year, even seven years after my son Zachary died. I’m grateful for International Bereaved Mother’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate my bond with my child I carry in my heart. Still, the month of May can be hard. This is why I [...]

The Invisible Mental Workload of a Mother Pregnant After Loss

Recently articles about “the invisible workload of motherhood” have been circulating around social media. Sure enough, if you ask any mother about this mental load, they know exactly what you’re talking about. The mental lists they keep to manage their kids’ lives and their households. The tasks they juggle and complete without much recognition. This [...]

The Body in Pregnancy After Loss: The Additional Weight of Grief

When my clients become pregnant again after a pregnancy loss, they often express some degree of dissatisfaction with their weight. They tell me that they never got back to their “starting weight,” the number on the scale at the beginning of the first pregnancy. They express disappointment about this and fear about the weight they [...]

Supporting a friend or family through loss

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash There is nothing like a loss to remind us all that life is fragile. Loss can also be especially uncomfortable for the friends and family, who are at a loss themselves. It seems incomprehensible how to figure out what to not say or how to avoid doing the wrong thing. [...]

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