The Pregnant After Loss Dad’s Anxiety: An Illustration

On some level I thought I understood my husband, Lloyd’s, anxiety during our pregnancy after loss. I saw him cry with relief at each reassuring ultrasound. I saw him tense when I talked about my worries. I saw his general worried nature increase. But, I didn’t fully grasp his level of fear and anxiety until [...]

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Dear husband, thank you for staying calm during our pregnancy after loss

In the days that we lost our son there are certain things that are singed into my memory, into my very core. One of those things I remember so clearly is sitting in my car in front of my doctors office. I had just heard our son died and was staring at your name in [...]

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Why Rainbow Baby Dads Give Us “All the Feels”

Each year on Father's Day, I engage in the millennial tradition of posting an adorable picture of my two children hugging, kissing, or playing with their dad, giving my husband a proud papa shout out of Facebook. The picture will be filled with love and cuteness as, I am sure, most of yours will be [...]

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Great Resources for Dads

There isn’t enough attention paid to the Dads in the pregnancy after loss community. We are worried about, and rightly so, the women. They are enduring both the physical challenges of pregnancy, but also carry such a huge emotional burden. However, we know that our partners are struggling with their emotions too. Losing a child [...]

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Toxic Loss

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role of gender in our society. In some cultures, gender is constructed as far more fluid than it is in the mainstream United States, where it tends to be seen as existing as a binary (either male or female). This blog has explored the meaning of gender [...]

Offering Community between Loss Parents

Guest post by Megan Brandow-Faller and Adam Brandow Our first thought as we write this post is that we are writing to a community of parents—mothers and fathers alike—who understand loss. While the details of each of our stories vary, we who find ourselves linked through Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) are forever connected through the [...]

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The Invisible Bravery of Fathers

Over the last few years, the "mental workload" of motherhood has become a hot topic. But sometimes we women lose sight of the very real mental (and emotional) workload of fathers, an invisible bravery that deserves our respect and gratitude: The drive to keep the family afloat during times of crisis, struggle or bereavement in [...]

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The Exhausted Loss Father

Guest post by Mike Whalen I’m tired all the time. I am a parent, a father. It’s a common condition, the exhausted parent. The sleepless nights of newborn-hood followed by the unrelenting crush of work and maintaining your home to the point where it is habitable enough to keep the authorities uninvolved. No one gets [...]

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Feeling Like Falling: Life after Loss

Guest post by Bret Hand You know that feeling you get when you're leaning back comfortably in your chair and thinking about how well things are going? Then, out of nowhere, you feel as though your heart jumps out of your chest and you are falling 100 feet? You’re able to catch yourself. Then, you [...]

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