5 Ways to Connect with your Partner during Pregnancy After Loss

After our son Patrick died, I learned very quickly that my husband and I processed grief differently. I didn’t understand how he could go back to work just a few days after our son died. He needed the structure. That structure was part of the way he coped. But, I feared that we would quickly [...]

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A Letter to my Rainbow Patients

Dear Mommy who just had a Rainbow Baby, My name is Katie, and I'm going to be your nurse until 7pm. I am going to do an assessment on you and then baby, and then I have some paperwork in this folder to go over with you real quick. It's a lot of information, but [...]

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The subtle

When you met your partner, and the two of you committed to one another (whether this occurred privately between the two of you or publicly with a ceremony), you envisioned happiness in your future. Sure, there would be bumps, but at that time, it was hard to imagine anything that could shake the solid foundation [...]

To the Loss Dad on Father’s Day

Another Mother's Day is behind us, but Father's Day is right around the corner. Loss dads deserve our acknowledgement, empathy, and understanding.  They are our co-parents, our partners, and often our supporters.  While every family is different and every partnership is different, we have all experienced a horrible loss.  So, loss dads, I'm talking to [...]

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