What DO You Say To A Grieving Parent?

I have been very open about our losses from the beginning. I got a lot of different responses from people during those times, and even when I have been vocal about them since. Some people said they were sorry, and couldn’t imagine what we were going through. Others said that something was probably wrong with [...]

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Mind Games

My body wakes up on its own, in the middle of the night, every night that I trudge through the two week wait. My body is exhausted, but my mind won’t comply. All I want to do is sleep. But instead, I have researched every potential symptom I have to see if I’m pregnant, while [...]

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The “Last Chance” Pregnancy

Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash The place in time for when a pregnancy after loss occurs differs for each of us. For some, the loss occurred as part of the first pregnancy experience. Others might have had several children before experiencing loss. There can seem to be a lopsidedness in sharing the stories of loss [...]

Hand-Me-Downs for the Rainbow

Before I learned about the complication in my pregnancy with Zachary, I had been amassing a small collection of baby boy clothes. My first child was a girl, Hannah, and so I was starting from scratch. I picked up cute onesies form Costco and was given newborn to twelve-month-old clothes from friends and family. Some [...]

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The Secret Truth About Gender Disappointment

Gender disappointment. It happens, but few of us want to talk about it. Especially those of us in the loss community. "I'll just be happy if your baby is healthy and alive," we say about pregnancy after loss, because we all know the alternative. We may even demand the same from our friends and acquaintances [...]

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Curated Grief

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash While pregnancy and infant loss is still considered a taboo topic in many situations, there has been a lot of work done to bring awareness and empathy. There are people writing books, making art, and sharing stories about their children and their grief. This is a very good thing. Like almost [...]

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Evan Roux – My Rainbow is Turning One

As her first birthday is just two weeks away, all I have been thinking about is Evan's birth story. I wish things had gone much smoother than it actually did, but either way this is how she became our Rainbow. My whole pregnancy, I never trusted my body, as I have said many times. I [...]

From Black and White to Color

Grief leaches the color from daily life. Grief is monochromatic. A Seattle-gray day. The sameness can feel endless. Wake up, be smacked by the reality of your grief, crawl through the day, go to sleep, start over. Same ol’, same ol’. You are missing your baby. Yes. Yes, you are. And you will tomorrow, too. [...]

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Coping With Grief–What to Actually Do

*Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash My clients often ask me, “What should I do? Do you have any strategies you can share for how to cope with my grief?” The answer is complicated. For me, this question is deeper than it appears. The grieving client is asking, ”How can I feel less bad?” Or, more [...]

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Christmas: A Trigger & a Choice

While my pregnancy after loss journey has brought me much joy, I still find Christmas a trigger season. I know it is a hard time for many grievers. It’s a sad paradox, really; a time so intent that we be merry is in fact a source of sadness for some. My son, Zachary, was due [...]

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