What’s “Normal” (anxiety) Anyway?

It is normal to be a little anxious about a first pregnancy: the sensations are new, it might bring up normal concerns about what will your parenting look like, and overall, it is a novel experience that you don’t have anything to compare it with as a reference. What is normal in a pregnancy after [...]

8 Things To Remember When You’re PAL, But Your Grieving Friend Isn’t

I went to multiple in-person support groups after my son died. It was something I needed, and I am grateful that The Compassionate Friends and Helping After Neonatal Death were available to me. When I became pregnant again, I was worried about losing this support when I started to show. I knew how triggered I [...]

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Parenting after Loss: When should I worry?

The evening before my daughter’s 15-month well baby visit, I sat down at the computer to fill out an online questionnaire that her pediatrician’s office requested. As I worked through the form evaluating her developmental milestones, I started to worry. I hadn’t been worried. In fact, I was excited for this appointment. I felt she [...]

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The Healthy Grief Movement

I didn’t give much thought to grief before losing my son, Zachary, to a heart tumor in 2010. My few experiences with funerals were few and far between. There I observed the bereaved as sullen but composed. They were not weeping, though did shed a few tears. They were not outwardly angry and thanked people [...]

When are you ready?

I lost my daughter Naomi at nearly 19 weeks through a "perfect storm" of medical issues that threatened my life. I had been hospitalized with unmanageable abdominal pain unrelated to my pregnancy, only to have my baby born sleeping, followed by emergency surgery the next day.  I was sicker than I had ever been in [...]

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Supporting Moms Pregnant after Loss: 10 Things To Say

I can tell a lot of people want to be supportive, to say the right thing. I can also tell when they have no idea what to do. It's not like anyone teaches you how to be a support system in advance. There isn't a supportive friend test you have to pass before people let [...]

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The Post-Mother’s Day Exhalation

For a loss mom, there is no day that is so communally terrifying as Mother’s Day. It is the day where you feel like you were almost invited to the party that all of the “cool kids” get to go to. It’s the day that can feel like an obligation—to celebrate your own mother (if [...]

A Trigger Question: “Are You Going to Have More Kids?”

  Before losing Zachary, there was no question in my mind about how many kids I wanted. The answer was “lots and close together.” I learned from my loss, however, that I am not in control of every facet of my life. That reality took some getting used to. I was a mess of emotions [...]

Our Heath and Pregnancy after Loss

This topic isn't a fun one, because to some degree many of us have faced a level of unhealthiness. Raise your hand if any of these are you: The temporary comfort of sweets and carbs makes you feel happy if even for just a second--and so you turn to them, frequently. And you don't always know [...]