Embracing the End of Pregnancy

PALS' Operations Director, Valerie Meek, enjoying a pedicure the day before her daughter was born. Embracing the end of pregnancy, weeks 37 to 42, can be a real challenge for many couples as you are waiting for the baby that is almost here. Family and friends may be checking in with you daily, [...]

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Give InKind: A Crowd-caring Site by Loss Parents, For Loss Parents

A guest post by Tara Shafer After my son was stillborn, I remember a sea of flowers. I remember my mailbox full of cards. This support meant such a great deal to me. But I, like others, felt alone. Looking back, the isolation I felt was something similar to the [...]

How my Birth Plan Changed for my Pregnancy after a Loss

When I was pregnant with my daughter and talking birth plans, I had a dream. I wanted to do everything as naturally as possible--go into labor on my own, no pain meds, a doula and my husband by my side, in the hospital but guided by a nurse midwife. My dream came true. I began [...]

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Pregnancy After Loss Support’s Top Ten Most-Read articles of 2016

PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support) proudly supports families that are pregnant again after a pregnancy, infant, or child loss. One of the ways we support our community is through our online magazine. We hope to reach even more courageous mamas in 2017! Our most-read articles from 2016: 1. 14 Things No One Tells You About [...]

Honoring Our Birth Stories

Every woman’s birth stories are unique. These are the experiences we share as we sit around and talk about how our children entered the world. Sometimes these entrances followed our plan, other times not so much. Still, birth stories, whether they end in death or in life, share some common threads. 1. Love is the [...]

A Shadow of Fear

Fear is an inevitable part of pregnancy after a loss. That fear can intensify during birth, while you anxiously labor and wait to hear that first cry. Fear of the unknown. Fear of pain. Fear of an intervention. Fear of a poor outcome. Fear can stop you in your tracks, leave you frozen and unable to move [...]

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Choosing a Doula for a Rainbow Birth

Choosing a doula is a three way venture with three people asking questions, making assessments, and choosing. The mother is usually looking for a doula who exhibits confidence, skill and promotes trust. The partner is usually looking for experience, mood and good energy as they will be spending the most time with the doula. And [...]

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Sample Pregnancy After Loss Birth Plan

Birth plans/birth wish lists can look many different ways.  Use a  format that is comfortable for you. Below you'll find two different versions of birth plans--one for a baby with an expected short life or stillborn and one for your subsequent baby (rainbow baby). The Basic Rainbow Plan and the Birth and Care Plan for “baby’s name” are [...]

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Creating your Pregnancy After Loss Birth Plan: Sections to Include

When developing a birth plan it can be helpful to consider your needs and desires by category. Listed here are some sections that may help you when crafting your birth wishes list. Our Family History In this section, it can be a helpful tool to set the stage of your journey. Tell your story in [...]

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4 Reasons for the Pregnant after Loss Mom to Write a Birth Plan

Depending on your provider and birth location, birth plans are either welcomed and encouraged or overlooked and under appreciated.  A birth plan is a wish list of birth preferences, an ideal snapshot of how you would like your birth to play out in the best possible way. It is put to paper so that your [...]

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