Kasey’s Bump Day Blog: Ava June’s Birth Story

When I wrote my 37 week post I did not expect it to be my last bump day blog post before our baby was born. I expected to have three more posts! As I wrote in that last post, in some ways Eric and I were very ready for the baby to arrive as we [...]

Choosing a Cesarean Birth after a Loss

Choosing a cesarean birth may or may not be an easy decision. This is even more true for a mom pregnant again after a loss. For the family that has faced a loss, a cesarean birth can answer questions and reduce anxieties. First, cesarean births are considered the safest delivery option for babies. Knowing that [...]

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Thank You for Sharing your Stories through #IAmPALS

Photo of "Stitch" taken by Margaret Belanger I have the incredible honor of working with loss mamas from all over the world. They entrust me with their stories, and I consider it one of the greatest privileges of my life to hold those stories and their babies (living and not) with them. Last [...]

“In This Moment, Everything is Okay” and other Helpful Pregnancy After Loss Affirmations

When you’re pregnant again after loss (PAL), it’s so easy to get inside your head. You’ve been introduced to the “baby loss world” and you have suddenly become aware of the many ways a baby can die during pregnancy. It’s so easy to go to a bad place very quickly. For me, affirmations were so [...]

Debriefing after Birth

Debriefing after any birth is critical piece in finding closure and helps couples to move forward in to parenthood. Having a baby is a complex life event. It changes the carrier's body physically with a change in blood volume, breast and abdomen size, and in posture alignment. It also creates emotional and mental changes with [...]

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Tracy’s Bump Day Blog, Our Birth Story: Introducing Holden Matthew

Holden’s birth story starts long before his birth. His oldest brother Brayden was stillborn at 24 weeks in 2014 due to undiagnosed severe pre-eclampsia and a placental abruption, masked by my very low baseline blood pressure that spiked at the end. Holden’s older sister Ainsley, our first rainbow, was conceived four months after we lost [...]

Preparing for D-Day (Delivery Day)

You are in the home stretch. You have made it through all (or at least most) of the milestones of a pregnancy after loss: the confirmation ultrasound of hearing the heartbeat, the second ultrasound at 12-weeks that confirmed the heartbeat and the first check to see that all was forming as it should, the blood [...]

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The Incredible Meaning behind my Photographs of my Pregnancy after Loss

Guest Post by Mary Alice Marshall It wasn't until two weeks after our rainbow was born that I finally got up the nerve to share pictures I had taken throughout the pregnancy. As I shared, I reflected on their incredible meaning through this pregnancy after loss journey. Oh, the pregnancy tests! Our fifth positive pregnancy [...]

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Frances Michele’s Birth Story

All throughout my pregnancy with Frances, I was so focused on whether she would be born alive, that I had given very little thought as to HOW she would be born. My husband, Mike, and I had talked a little bit about what that day might look like but I had made no decisions about [...]

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Cesarean Births Should Not Hold a Stigma

Giving birth has nothing to do with pushing. It is not about the pain. I️t is not about the contractions. It is not about the birth location or the birth team. Giving birth is about GIVING. In pregnancy the mother GIVES. She does whatever is necessary to keep her baby healthy. In birth, she does [...]

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