Preparing for D-Day (Delivery Day)

You are in the home stretch. You have made it through all (or at least most) of the milestones of a pregnancy after loss: the confirmation ultrasound of hearing the heartbeat, the second ultrasound at 12-weeks that confirmed the heartbeat and the first check to see that all was forming as it should, the blood [...]

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Rebecca’s Bump Day Blog, Week 32: Fighting an Unknown Enemy

This pregnancy feels like an extended battle with an unknown enemy. My doctors and I have been on high alert since the beginning. With nothing more than a few wild guesses about what we’re fighting, we’ve had to prepare for all possible attacks. In the early months, we were slowly and methodically fortifying our defenses [...]

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Rebecca’s Bump Day Blog, Week 31: Other Pregnant Ladies

I have been avoiding a woman in my office building for months now. Not because of anything she’s said or done, but because we have similarly sized baby bumps and conversations about pregnancy with people I don’t know are scary for me. She’s noticed me a handful of times and she always looks happy and [...]

Hope During Pregnancy After Loss: Remember What is Possible

Are you having trouble holding onto hope during this season of pregnancy after loss? Maybe you've experienced complications and are worried that you'll lose another baby. Maybe the days are passing just a little too slowly and the journey towards a full-term pregnancy seems endless. Maybe the trauma from pregnancy loss has led to the [...]

Rebecca’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30: A First Birthday

April 1st was one of the first days I checked on a calendar after I learned I was pregnant last fall. April 1st would be the first anniversary of my son Arthur’s birth and death. I wanted to know how far along I would be if this pregnancy lasted. 30 weeks. That seemed good, it [...]

Tracy’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: The Other Side

Photo credit: Sublime Photo Art My births are inherently medical. I didn’t choose this, but I’m okay with it. There are a lot of ways to birth and to want to birth. Sometimes they can start out with a certain intention or plan and then change a little or a lot, depending on [...]

Rebecca’s Bump Day Blog, Week 29: The Math doesn’t Add up, Our Story

Last week a few new symptoms caused a large wave of anxiety. Sure, nausea and tummy troubles are common in the third trimester (or anytime throughout pregnancy really), but I hadn’t experienced them this suddenly before and they could also be an early indicator of a dozen more serious problems (thanks, Google). After wrestling with [...]

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Tracy’s Bump Day Blog, Week 35: Looking Back

At 35 weeks pregnant and with not much further to go for this high-risk pregnancy, I find myself looking back over the entirety of these 35 weeks so far. It’s hard to believe that now in mid-March, I’m here still growing this sweet baby boy who was conceived in mid-July. We found out the good [...]

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Added Anxiety in Pregnancy After Loss, Nicole’s Story

Women who have known loss share their experiences with Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) almost every day—to feel connected and to know they’re not alone. Their stories are unique yet also intertwined in grief, joy and hope—hope maybe above all else. We call them our Courageous Mamas. Their stories give us chills and tears and [...]

Tracy’s Bump Day Blog, Week 34: Baby Hiccups

As I get closer to my due date and even closer to my planned C-section - my first, due to a risk of uterine rupture - my nerves and anxiety are increasing exponentially. I am so excited to meet this child but with every positive moment of hope comes its counter-thought of, “please don’t lose [...]