Rebecca’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: Exhaustion

I’ve spent the entirety of the last two and a half years trying to conceive, pregnant, or immediately post-partum. During that time, I’ve been pregnant three times for nearly 20 months in total. 20 months pregnant – that’s about equal to the gestation period of an elephant. I recognize that I’m lucky in a number [...]

Tracy’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: The Other Side

Photo credit: Sublime Photo Art My births are inherently medical. I didn’t choose this, but I’m okay with it. There are a lot of ways to birth and to want to birth. Sometimes they can start out with a certain intention or plan and then change a little or a lot, depending on [...]

Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36 – Well, What Do You Want to Do?

We had our final MFM visit last week. The plan was to assess baby’s size (large), BPP score (perfect) and my anxiety (moderate) in order to make a plan for when this little guy will join us. I have really appreciated this MFM, because I think he met me where I am with this second [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m Having My Rainbow Baby Soon!

19 days and a wake up, and I can’t keep calm! I can’t keep calm and there's a million reasons why. I can't keep calm because I feel that our rainbow baby would be safer in my arms than in my belly. I can’t keep calm because I'm beyond excited to finally meet Colbie. I [...]

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Janice’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

Bump Day Blog | Pregnancy After Loss Support I haven’t decided whether it’s a good or bad thing that my rainbow baby is due during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. In some ways it is very fitting—after all, a rainbow baby is a reminder that you’ve experienced loss. But then there’s the [...]

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Elizabeth’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: Long Distance Holidays

It's been two years since we've had a "normal" holiday season.  Normal for us meaning: fly across the country, wrap the presents I had shipped to my mom's house, cram in as many visits with friends and family as possible, return home before New Year's to decompress, done!  Last year we knew we wouldn't be [...]

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Kristen’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: The Final Countdown

1 week, 4 days, 21 hours, 50 minutes.  As I write this post, that's the time remaining on the Baby Due Date Countdown Clock that's been running on my computer since I started bedrest roughly 4 months ago.  If I manage to hold out that long (more on that in a moment), my son will [...]

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Tina’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: Contentment 

36 weeks and baby is weighing an estimated 6 pounds. I can't believe in just one short week I'll be considered "term". Early-term, but term, nonetheless. I assume that I'll make it through this next week and hopefully the one after that, too. My son was born at 37 weeks and my daughter at 38 weeks [...]

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Inducing Labor

There’s been a change recently in the United States, and it is causing a few PALS mom's a lot of anxiety. Several hospital accreditation groups, such as Leapfrog and JCAHO, have introduced incentives for hospitals to reduce the number of elective labor inductions before 40 weeks. Other organizations, such as the Association of Women's Health, [...]

Hyedi’s Bump Day Blog Week 36: July 3 – Finding Peace

After making it past the anniversaries of when we received Charlie’s diagnosis and our 20-week ultrasound, we knew the next big milestone would be the anniversary of the day we said goodbye to our son. And before we knew it, that day arrived. Since the Fourth of July holiday was observed on the third this year, [...]

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