Kasey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: Moving Forward

Planning and preparing has continued to move forward this week. Shower planning is in full swing, and gifts have started to arrive from friends and family who can’t attend. We will be attending our birth class this weekend. I have made progress on the baby’s quilt. The nursery is painted and the furniture that we [...]

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Tracy’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: She’ll Never Know

Tracy's first rainbow, Ainsley Hope My toddler rainbow daughter was napping, and the way her top lip overlapped her bottom one, an effect created as she shifted slowly into sleep from sitting up watching her beloved Paw Patrol to partially sitting up to leaning over peacefully onto some pillows, gave me an overwhelming [...]

Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33 – Is It All Uphill or Downhill from Here?

This last week started the routine I became so familiar with in my first rainbow pregnancy. Weekly visit to the MFM, onto the monitors, drink some ice water. I’ve learned to read the strips, I joke with the nurses – I like my new MFM’s setup, in a room with several other NST chairs and [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: Is It September Yet?

At this point of my pregnancy after loss journey, I still have a lot of mixed feelings. I now have less than six weeks to go until my scheduled c-section date, and we still have nothing ready. I’m trying, but what started off as a calm, uneventful week for this pregnancy full of motivation to [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33 – Preparing for Birth and Beyond

This week has been rather busy with appointments, all focusing on birth and beyond! As we are getting induced at 37 weeks, we actually only have a little over three weeks to go, so now the focus is on birth... Going through the Motions So much of years of fertility treatment, and even grief, is [...]

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Janice’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: The Most Pregnant I’ve Ever Been

I’m officially the most pregnant I have ever been. Oddly enough, I don’t feel more stressed or anxious, I’m actually feeling very impatient. I don’t think anyone thought I’d get to 33 weeks. We all thought I’d have the same complications and I’d deliver her at the same time as I did Jack, or even [...]

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Capturing Pregnancy After Loss

As PAL moms, we save certain things for after the baby—hopefully—is here. Some of these things may overlap for us—decorating a nursery, buying newborn clothes, saying his or her name aloud. Others of us, despite the fear, prepare for what the baby we are hoping for will need. But maybe we don’t take maternity photos. [...]

Elizabeth’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: Not An Only Child

Last week was my son's birthday. I can't really say it went well - how can a birthday go well when the person of honor isn't there? But it could have been worse. I cried, but I also smiled. I focused on Obie almost the whole day, but I also counted his little brother's kicks. [...]

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Kristen’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: That Was NOT a “Freakout”…

When I first went into pre-term labor at 24+3 weeks, our goal was to make it to 28 weeks; the second time, at 29+2 weeks, the goal - and no one really thought it was a particularly realistic one - was to make it to 32 weeks.  And here we are, coming up on the [...]

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Tina’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: Just Breathe.

Week 33 is a strange one. Week 34 will be, too. Not as far as this pregnancy goes physically. All is still well. Baby is actually already made way into right against my cervix and will probably have a pretty considerable cone head from being so far into the birth canal for so many weeks. Ultrasound last week [...]

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