Kasey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30: Stockings, Names, and Elephants

I made stockings for Eric and I a few years ago.  For the past two Christmases I have debated about whether I wanted to make stockings for Danny and Lentil. We have ornaments for each of them, but I never ended up adding stockings to the fireplace. This year, I finally decided that I wanted [...]

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Dear Mama, Trying to Control the Uncontrollable After Loss

Dear Mama, Trying to Control the Uncontrollable After Loss, I find comfort in trying to control very tiny things that might matter little to someone else. Keeping a clean home when possible. Things in just their right spot. When I get home, things need to be a certain way before I can truly relax. Not [...]

Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30 – Her Special Place

I never expected this place to be filled with so much emotion, so much memory, so soon. It’s only been six years since I first stepped foot on Martha’s Vineyard to meet the family of the guy I’d been dating barely two months. As he walked me hand-in-hand around the town, I told him I [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30: The Final Two Months

Nine weeks, just nine weeks or less to go until we meet our little rainbow. The days feel like minutes and then here we are, another week closer to the big day. I’m nowhere near ready though, but that’s okay. Even though Colbie doesn’t have her own nursery decorated with careful care, there’s no baby [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30 – Looking Back at Leo’s Pregnancy

This week, we made it successfully to Week 30. To go from the 20's to the 30's seems significant enough to note. I think probably because in a pregnancy after loss, every day feels like a bonus. It also means that we are on a bit of the 'home straight'. At times, it feels like [...]

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Janice’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30: Single Digits

I finally made it. We’re in the 30’s, and it feels like this is actually happening. While the first half of the pregnancy flew by, I felt like I’d be in the 20-week window forever. Of course, with that excitement comes the nerves. We are now rapidly approaching the mark where I lost Jack. While [...]

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Heather’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30: Umm, I’m Due in May…

Every pregnancy truly has been so different for me. In many, many ways. For example, when someone asks me how far along I am, I usually don’t know what to tell them. Not because it’s a difficult question, but because I usual have no idea. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been off a week. [...]

Elizabeth’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30: Nursery Rhymes

Rain, rain, go away Come again another day It rained today.  For my drought-starved state, it was a good thing.  I've always liked the rain, especially thunderstorms.  We actually heard thunder and saw a little lightning today, both pretty unusual around here.  It made me think of two specific memories.  Once, when it was raining [...]

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14 Pieces of Advice for Moms by Moms Pregnant Again After Loss

1. Surrender Let the emotions--all of them--wash over you.  Surrender into the dark and dreary times.  Let yourself fall prey to the grief, the sadness and even the fear.  They will not stay forever.  But remember to also embrace the joy, even though it may be hard to find. Do not resist your feelings for [...]

What I Want You to Know about Pregnancy After Loss

My first baby died. Yes, she died, after a perfect 40-week, full term pregnancy.  She died from an E.coli infection.  Nothing could be done. Then seven months after she died I was pregnant again. When I looked down at the pregnancy test on that warm Minnesota July afternoon I did not jump for joy or [...]