Sarah’s Bump Day Blog: Week 24, Hitting Pregnancy Viability Week

I hit 24 weeks this past Sunday, which is what a lot of people refer to as “V-Day” or “Viability Day”.  It’s the point at which, if the baby was born early, they have a chance at survival. It’s also the point in a pregnancy in which doctors might take life-saving measures to save the [...]

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Kasey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24: Viability, a Cold, and Movement

For many pregnancies, 24 weeks is a big milestone. It is known as the first marker of viability, a point after which a baby has a chance at survival outside of the womb. For loss parents, if this milestone has any meaning at all, it is watered down. 37 weeks feels no safer than 24 [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24 – Lost Its Meaning (For Me)

I know that everyone’s experience with this week is different, and I can only speak for my experience. I don’t discount at all that viability week is significant for so many of our PALS mamas. When my we found out that Layla would be stillborn at 35 weeks and 3 days, all I could think [...]

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Finding Presence of Mind During PAL

It never really goes away, does it? The fear. The anxiety. The wonder and worry. Sure it subsides sometimes, even for long periods of time, but it is always happy to rear its ugly head and hit you smack in the face when you're not expecting it. I guess I should've expected it in pregnancy [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24 – Viability Week

We hit another big milestone on this long journey, viability week. I would love to say that it eases my mind that we made it to this point, but I know far too well that anything can still happen. My biggest fear is still my due date. Despite everyone telling me that everything will be [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24 – Reaching Viability, Planning & Celebrating

Week 24 of Magpie's pregnancy has been busy. Reaching a siginificant goal, scan and consultant appointments, and my thirtieth birthday celebrations. Reaching Viability This week signifies our biggest milestone yet: viability. It is something that I have spoken about quite a bit over the last few weeks, mainly due to it looming, almost teasing us. [...]

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Janice’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24: Seeing Bo

Today I got to see Bo. It’s so incredible seeing her in these later scans; because Jack was “healthy” I never saw him after the anatomy scan until he was born. Now I get to see a baby really moving in there, exploring her limbs, making faces. She was a good girl, and she cooperated [...]

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Heather’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24: Hungry and Tired and so Very Happy

Oh, how I love that this new baby has two big sisters eagerly awaiting his arrival. My one and a half year old is still a little too young to understand the crazy transition that will soon take place. She is, however, aware of how huge her momma’s belly is growing—consistently lifting her own shirt up [...]

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Jessica’s Story of Pregnancy after Loss

A Guest Post by Jessica Burke I'm finding it difficult to breath this month. At 24 weeks pregnant it seems too early to feel so out of breath. Maybe this shortness of breath has more to do with the month of October than with the month of pregnancy I'm in. In less than one week [...]

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Elizabeth’s Bump Day Blog, Week 24: Getting Away

My husband and I went away last weekend.  It was semi-planned, but pretty last minute for us.  I started feeling like it was really important that we have some relaxation time and get out of our house for a couple days.  I think part of me wanted to get out of our life for a [...]

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