Kasey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22: Feeling Good?

Now that we are past the scary anatomy scan milestone, our friends and family have been asking how we are feeling. I want to respond with “I feel good.” It is true. I do feel good. I am still so glad to be past that hurdle. I still feel less anxious than I have this [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22 – Asking for the Reassurance You Need

I took my first trip to L&D this weekend. I wondered how long I’d make it before I’d find myself ‘headed in for a check’ on a weekend, and the answer is – 22 weeks (well, 21.5 weeks). The thing is, I knew I was ok. Thursday night I started feeling pretty crummy – super [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22: Confidence

"Get up every morning and remind yourself that you can do this!" Ever since I hit the halfway point of this pregnancy, I felt a new sense of confidence. There are even times now where I feel that I can give birth to our rainbow baby without complications, and get to bring her home.  Perhaps [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22 – Time in PAL

This past week or so has felt a lot quieter in terms of appointments. We seem to go through phases of intensity, and then a much needed break from it all. Yet, the breaks really can make it feel like time is going quite slowly. I find it's quite important to find a balance in [...]

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Janice’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22: Visit to the Hospital

              I began this week sitting in a sadly familiar place—Labor and Delivery at my local hospital. The day had started like any other, but early in the afternoon I started to experience some severe cramping. Instantly I had to ask myself, “How far do I let this go before I seek medical attention?”               [...]

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Trusting My Baby

I've put off this post for a while. I thought about writing it when we first announced we were pregnant, but I didn't know what to say. I was afraid of what might happen, of what might not happen. I dreaded writing about the pregnancy, filling a post with hopes and dreams, and then those [...]

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Heather’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22: Flying Away to Come Back Home

As the engines ferociously roared and the wheels of the plane left the ground, I found my heart sitting in this weird place of both relief and tension. Relief…the very idea of 4 days to myself! For the first time in over 4 years. No audience when I pee! No diapers! No interruptions in the [...]

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Kristen’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22: Uncharted Territory

Yesterday was a big day for Darrell and I (and Noah Matthew): As of 9:06 AM, I was officially as pregnant as I have ever been! As we were talking the other day about upcoming appointments with my (amazing - he's honestly one of my favorite people in the world) high-risk OB, Darrell commented that we [...]

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Tina’s Bump Day Blog, Week 22: Sometimes blessings smell like vomit 

I'm going to start this week with an advanced apology for all the misspellings, flightiness and shortness in length of this post. I'm cradling my ill two and a half year old as I type and I'm running on 3 hours of solid sleep between her restlessness and vomiting through the night. I have a [...]

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14 Pieces of Advice for Moms by Moms Pregnant Again After Loss

1. Surrender Let the emotions--all of them--wash over you.  Surrender into the dark and dreary times.  Let yourself fall prey to the grief, the sadness and even the fear.  They will not stay forever.  But remember to also embrace the joy, even though it may be hard to find. Do not resist your feelings for [...]