Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: Shopping for the New Baby

We went into a baby store over the weekend to look for some furniture for the new baby. I always love the smell of the baby stores because it’s a familiar smell. As we went in though, I realized the last time we set foot in one was for our son. With all the stress [...]

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Kasey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: Different Pregnancy, Same Fear

I keep feeling that others want my husband and I to have the “different pregnancy, different baby, different outcome” philosophy with this pregnancy. While I understand that mantra and try hold onto it, I have been here before. I truly believed that during my second pregnancy. I believed we would bring home a healthy baby [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: It’s A…

A BIG shout out and thank you to Alissa Catherine Photography for taking such beautiful photos for our gender reveal. GIRL! After weeks of debating, we decided that we wanted to find out if our rainbow baby was a boy or a girl. Originally, I was hesitant on knowing because I was terrified [...]

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Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: The Intensity is Increasing

I keep trying to write the beginning of this update, and I don't really know where to start. The past two weeks have been filled with the full array of emotions; hopelessness, fear, joy, love, relief, grief, longing, hope. I guess as a result, the past two weeks are the perfect snapshot of what this [...]

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Heather’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: Flutters, Christmas Trees and Better Fits

For a few days, I wasn’t sure. But as the frequency and the strength has grown, I’m sure of it—flutters. Strong, sacred movements of the little life growing inside of me. There are fewer things savored as much those little wiggles. Our first family tradition was going to a certain tree nursery and choosing a [...]

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Elizabeth’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: Just Because

After Oberon passed away, we met with a lot of the doctors.  Some of it was incidental (seeing my OBGYN for my 6 week postpartum appointment), and some of it was specific to what had happened (perinatologist and geneticist).  Everyone seemed uncomfortable answering our questions about how long to wait to try again and discussing [...]

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Kristen’s Bump Day Blog, Week 16: It’s Not Will’s Room…

When we first looked at our home back in July 2014, the room that really sealed the deal for me was the nursery.  Beautifully painted in the perfect colors to match the crib linens we'd already purchased for our unborn son, with a big, beautiful closet, I knew from the moment I saw it that [...]

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14 Pieces of Advice for Moms by Moms Pregnant Again After Loss

1. Surrender Let the emotions--all of them--wash over you.  Surrender into the dark and dreary times.  Let yourself fall prey to the grief, the sadness and even the fear.  They will not stay forever.  But remember to also embrace the joy, even though it may be hard to find. Do not resist your feelings for [...]

What I Want You to Know about Pregnancy After Loss

My first baby died. Yes, she died, after a perfect 40-week, full term pregnancy.  She died from an E.coli infection.  Nothing could be done. Then seven months after she died I was pregnant again. When I looked down at the pregnancy test on that warm Minnesota July afternoon I did not jump for joy or [...]

“Everything Changes Once You Have Kids”

I was standing in line at the bank the other day and the man in front of me kept turning around to look at me. Not in a creepy, checking-me-out kind of way - his eyes would always be gazing down, catching a glimpse at my now 34-week belly. Eventually he said, “When are you [...]