Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 15 (Mother’s Day, or It Will Never Be Perfect)

I’m no stranger to changed significance of days. After my father passed away unexpectedly in 2006, that changed Father’s Day. I went from Camp Happy-Father’s-Day to Camp I-Miss-My-Dad-Today. The anniversary of his death, his birthday, they all turned from days of celebration to days of remembrance. Mother’s Day, though… this one is trickier. This is [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 15: Struggling With Emotions

I’m not exactly sure how to describe the way I feel this week. My emotions have ranged from excitement to finding out what Baby F is, anxiety to thinking something will go wrong again, happy that we are expecting a rainbow baby, and feeling depressed.  Unfortunately, the bad feelings still out weigh the good at [...]

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A Double Blessing

Our first pregnancy after the loss of our son Malachi ended in a blighted ovum, devastation, heartbreak, depression, isolation…you name it. The month following that diagnosis, we dealt with all of these emotions, as well as the one year angelversary of Malachi’s passing. It was hard. So hard. I didn’t know where I stood on [...]

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Elizabeth’s Bump Day Blog, Week 15: Shedding Shame

As this is my first Bump Day Blog post, I feel a little like I should introduce myself.  But I'm not going to.  You can read my bio at the bottom if you so choose, but it doesn't feel right to me to start off with the long version of the story.  So we'll go [...]

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14 Pieces of Advice for Moms by Moms Pregnant Again After Loss

1. Surrender Let the emotions--all of them--wash over you.  Surrender into the dark and dreary times.  Let yourself fall prey to the grief, the sadness and even the fear.  They will not stay forever.  But remember to also embrace the joy, even though it may be hard to find. Do not resist your feelings for [...]

Kristen’s Bump Day Blog, Week 15: It’s A…

  It is with great joy that Darrell and I share the news that the baby we have been affectionately calling SmallPaul is a BOY!  This fall, we will welcome Noah Matthew into our family.  His name is deeply meaningful to us: From Genesis 9, Verses 12 - 16  12 And God said, “This is the [...]

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When Joy and Grief Collide

I was 15 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks further along than when I lost my first baby. Having made it past that mark offered a sense of peace, but my constant awareness of every little twinge and ache still took an emotional toll. So doing anything out of my normal routine, much less traveling, made me [...]

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What I Want You to Know about Pregnancy After Loss

My first baby died. Yes, she died, after a perfect 40-week, full term pregnancy.  She died from an E.coli infection.  Nothing could be done. Then seven months after she died I was pregnant again. When I looked down at the pregnancy test on that warm Minnesota July afternoon I did not jump for joy or [...]

“Everything Changes Once You Have Kids”

I was standing in line at the bank the other day and the man in front of me kept turning around to look at me. Not in a creepy, checking-me-out kind of way - his eyes would always be gazing down, catching a glimpse at my now 34-week belly. Eventually he said, “When are you [...]

My Pregnancy After Loss Bill of Rights

1) I have the right to grieve my child or children that have died and/or the previous pregnancies I have lost. I have the right to be sad about my loss(es) during my current pregnancy. 2) I have the right to be scared, anxious and afraid. I already know what it is like to lose. [...]