Sarah’s Bump Day Blog, Week 13: Planning for the Baby

As of last Sunday, I am officially 13 weeks and almost out of the first trimester. Most people breathe a sense of relief after leaving the first trimester because that is supposedly when the miscarriage rates drop and also when some of the annoying first trimester symptoms start to go away. Even though I had [...]

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Heather’s Bump Day Vlog, Weeks 11-13: Big Milestones

Join me as I share the ups and downs of my pregnancy after loss through PALS' new Bump Day Vlog. In this video, I share some of our big milestones of this pregnancy, including passing the gestation of our first loss and the reason I long to know the baby's gender.

Motherhood After Loss

    We lost our first baby, who we named Lavender, when I was 13 weeks pregnant. There were no obvious reasons as to why I lost my baby. I was young. I was healthy. Everything seemed to fine, until suddenly, everything wasn’t fine. I became pregnant again soon after our loss. That pregnancy was [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 13 – Finding Balance

It’s funny to think that I would describe anything about my life right now as having balance. Juggling a pregnancy that is more physically demanding than any prior, living life with an active two-and-a-half year old, running a startup – my life is not the kind of balanced it used to be when weekends were [...]

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Mikey’s Bump Day Blog, Week 13: Hello Second Trimester

  "Whisper still, small words of trust And cradle my baby In the warmth of your love. Help me to celebrate The life growing within me." - Laura Kelly Fanucci   After many days and nights of worrying about this day, we have officially hit the second trimester. This is another big milestone on this [...]

Jessica’s Bump Day Blog, Week 13: Managing Appointments

This morning, I had two maternity related appointments - a flu jab, and a GP appointment. We are ramping up now that we are in the second trimester, and I'm fully aware that this pregnancy is going to be incredibly appointment filled. Appointments that may be exciting for some, but just seem to be exhausting [...]

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The Ache of Christmas Eve

It was autumn. The leaves were turning colors and the air was crisp. The cool temperatures were intensifying daily and making way for snowflakes that would soon fall to earth. It was beautiful. And lovely. And pain-filled. A few weeks prior, I had lost my baby at 13 weeks. Since retailers gear up for Christmas [...]

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Giving Them Names

To say the grieving process is a complicated thing would be a major understatement. There is no straight line to healing. In my own experience I’ve felt that my healing process is more of a constantly changing spiral than a line. I have found myself many times spiraling back to familiar pains that I thought [...]

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Should I Have Held My Baby?

  I was a few short days away from my entering into my second trimester. The “safe” zone. It was a quiet Saturday morning at home with my husband and I started bleeding. After a full day of bleeding and cramping, the pain became intolerable. My aunt and uncle drove us to the emergency room. [...]

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