About Valerie Meek

Valerie Meek is the Operations Director for Pregnancy After Loss Support. She lives in a Boston suburb with her husband, daughter, and Sato puppy, Didi Darling. She became a mama when her son Patrick was born still at 20 weeks in April of 2014. She has been honored to share her TTC and pregnancy after loss journey at PALS. She gave birth to her baby born after loss, her daughter, "Stitch," born in February 2016. Valerie writes about her family life and crafty endeavors (quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, cooking, canning, and scrapbooking) at her blog Meek Manor. You can also find her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, as well as by email.

On this Day: Hope

This morning, a memory popped up on Facebook of my husband holding our five-week-old baby girl. I remember when it was taken. He had been back at work for a week, and she had just graduated into newborn clothes rather than the preemies she’d been wearing for weeks. She was snuggled on his chest, like [...]

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It Can’t Be Perfect

A few days before my son, Patrick’s, first birthday, I sat in my office chair talking on the phone with a fellow loss mom and friend. I had become paralyzed with indecision. I didn’t know if I should make him a birthday crown, a tradition I’d hoped to start for each of my children. Was [...]

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Holding on to Hope

Last Saturday Lindsey Goodwin interviewed me about my work with Pregnancy After Loss Support for her podcast, Tiny Giant Losses. When she asked me how I held onto hope while trying to conceive and then pregnant after loss, I remembered the onesies that my husband and I collected while trying to conceive our subsequent pregnancy. [...]

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7 Ways I’m taking care of myself in the New Year

I have a love/hate relationship with each New Year’s celebration, especially since our son Patrick was born still in 2014. Three years ago (2013), we announced our first pregnancy to my side of the family in the middle of Epcot Center in Disney World on New Year’s Eve. I think the entire park heard the [...]

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Blowing Raspberries

After our first “bad ultrasound” with our son, Patrick, who was born still in April 2014, my husband and I walked to another building in the hospital to see if my therapist was available. As we walked, I took in deep breaths and blew raspberries out to release the tension. Blowing raspberries became one of [...]

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That’s Not Safe!

Managing Safety Recommendations while Parenting After Loss Keeping our babies and children safe is one of our biggest jobs as parents, as well as one of our biggest anxieties. When parents have had a loss, these anxieties increase substantially. I knew pregnancy and parenting came with many risks, but they didn’t fully sink in until [...]

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Courageous Mamas, Protect Your Heart from the Rhetoric of Election Season

Dear Courageous Mamas, This U.S. election season just keeps getting more turbulent: more divisive and more anxiety producing for many people across the United States for multiple, and often very personal, reasons. But I’ve heard from many mamas that last week’s debate was particularly triggering for them due to the political rhetoric around the subject [...]

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What “This is Us” got right about Stillbirth

Tuesday night a highly anticipated new dramedy premiered on NBC: "This is Us." The series, created by Dan Fogelman, chronicles the stories of several people who share the same birthday. The pregnancy, infant, and child loss community buzzed about this show several months ago, as the official trailer of the series premier showed the loss [...]

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Rainbow Baby Maternity Shirt Goes Viral

We at Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) were floored earlier this week when we saw a rainbow baby maternity shirt from our Café Press Shop as the subject of a Facebook post that went viral. Photo courtesy Facebook/Courtey Mixon Courtney Mixon and Autumn Tolliver Safley were both shopping in Hobby Lobby last Saturday. [...]