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Trish Taylor, a native Floridian, lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and son. She is a woman of faith and teaches teenagers at her church. She’s a dedicated mother to her children. Her step-daughter Makenzie was born May 19, 2009. Her first biological daughter wound up living her full mortal life in her mother's womb; Joislen Grace Taylor was born into eternity on August 16, 2015 after a 40-week healthy pregnancy for unexplained reasons. Trish's rainbow baby, Dwayne III, aka "D3”, was born September 19, 2016. She is a veteran and is passionate about advocating for women's health. She is pursuing her career as a labor and delivery nurse with doula bereavement training. Trish works alongside local hospitals in San Diego to bring about necessary change to better accommodate grieving families. She writes moving pieces inspired by her faith and her endless love for her daughter on her blog Our Journey with Joisey.

Dear Healthcare Professionals: Lessons from a Loss Mama

My friend, a fellow loss mama, whose daughter had a fatal diagnosis in the womb was told by the doctor that she wouldn’t want to see her daughter and certainly shouldn’t let her other children meet their sister because “she will look like a monster.” Today, I had a doctors appointment for a sleep study. [...]

Only in my Dreams and in my Heart

Some grow up before our eyes, others, in our hearts. Raising your little brothers, Joislen, is such a lovely aspect of motherhood. I only wish you were here to experience all this with us, here for me to watch grow, too. I raised you in another sense of the word. You were raised to eternal [...]

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Permission to Have a Good Day

In the world of loss and subsequent pregnancies, we moms often deal with guilt. There's consuming sadness that our family at face-value doesn't match what it is at heart-value. There's sometimes a nagging heaviness that we could've done something differently or should've known sooner. There's a new element of motherhood that a majority of the [...]

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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: A Letter to my Womb

Dear Womb, I have seen some of my happiest days through you, and by you, also felt my whole world come to an end. You have carried life and also been the deepest source of pain I've ever known. There are secrets your walls will never tell, and truth be told I'm not sure I [...]

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Hope Deferred

I have three biological children. This has been our journey: pregnancy to eternity, pregnancy to a lifetime, and now pregnant again. I hope and believe this is my earth-side tie breaker. Breaking the tie of one girl and one boy, the tie of one in heaven and one in this world: that tie breaker. I [...]

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Forgetting Details about the Baby I Lost

Sometimes the death that took them, since it's often the final tangible moment on earth we have of them, shadows the memories of the babies we hoped for and dreamed of. Sadly, sometimes in our minds that individual becomes what happened to them, and memories of the unique baby we were growing begin to slip [...]

Rainbow Babies aren’t Replacements

Rainbow babies aren't replacements, and the first person we have to convince this of is ourself. Many of us wanted to be pregnant immediately after we found out our baby wasn't for earth. Many of us wanted to be pregnant again with the same gender we got attached to but never got to experience in [...]

Our Heath and Pregnancy after Loss

This topic isn't a fun one, because to some degree many of us have faced a level of unhealthiness. Raise your hand if any of these are you: The temporary comfort of sweets and carbs makes you feel happy if even for just a second--and so you turn to them, frequently. And you don't always know [...]

8 Coping Strategies I Wish I’d Focused on during my Pregnancy After Loss

Although Naval sea combat is not as dangerous as some of the other branches of the military that are located on the ground in a war zone, it is still an exponentially more anxiety-ridden journey than most civilian jobs face. Many women have experienced some degree of sexual harassment, and unfortunately some of us have [...]

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The Dreaded Invitation

How can you survive a holiday or special event without your angel(s) physically present? My first piece of advice is, don't go if you can't. If you have done a lot of emotional work and are actually getting out of bed these days, can I just say congratulations? Whether your loss is recent, it's been [...]

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