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Saskia Volders is a 25-year-old living in Belgium indulging in all things art and parenthood. She and hubby expected their first baby, a girl, due on the end of June 2015. At 29 weeks their love bubble burst when they found a brain anomaly and after weeks of waiting and testing they found out that she had a chromosomal disorder with potentially fatal consequences. Being in Belgium a special meeting was set up and within 5 minutes doctors and jury gave their verdict that their little girl was better off in heaven. Both Saskia and hubby didn’t want their daughter to be in any pain so at 32 weeks baby drifted off to eternal sleep and received her name. Eleni was born, beautiful and still. Five months later they are pregnant again and thrilled to have Elli’s sibling, but also scared and uncertain in how this new journey will turn out. Saskia addresses her posts both towards her son Alexander and towards her grief for the loss off Elli. She has written about her journey on Saskia Volders.

After the storm came the hurricane. A story about PPD with a rainbow.

Alexander let out the tiniest of cries when his head emerged. Not yet fully born and making himself known was a sign to me. The sign of being deadset on living. As his whole body was born I remember my thoughts saying, "God, he is big." Followed by a weigh in one hour after birth, 10lbs 2oz [...]

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Alexander’s Birth Story.

All of 2015 and 16 let to this life cycle where we were about to become parents. We've come across this moment once before al little over a year ago with our firstborn Elli, who didn't make it alive out of the womb because we decided not to do so after a terminal diagnosis of [...]

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Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 40: The question of privacy.

I have discovered the absolute downside of social media. The claiming of information. Especially when it comes to having a baby (after loss)... I am one day away from my due-date. Battling constant irregular contractions that are not picking up (prodromal labor) so I am not progressing but not having a physical break either. I cry [...]

Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 39; Is he there yet?

  My chunky monkey looks done now. But I'm projecting this on him because in reality I'm the one who's done now. I had my final gyn checkup last Thursday. Nearly jumping of joy when the day finally came, I was going to get checked! Maybe even a membrane sweep?! Boy was I wrong... I [...]

Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 38: The Home Stretch.

I now understand the lingering impatience of women who are about to give birth. Tummy hurting and skin stretched. Pelvic burning and the struggle to turn sides. My child is due any day now and I find myself fantasizing of birth and our hello. My hair is scruffy and my self care limited to a [...]

Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 37: To be diabetic, or not to be diabetic.

Another weird week has passed, seems this pregnancy always gives me something to talk about! I am talking about last Thursday. I was suffering from splitting headaches and a never ending thirst. So I contacted my gyn to ask if this was normal in late pregnancy. He asked me to follow up at my local [...]

Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36: The countdown.

29 days in my countdown until the due date of our son. I'm nearly finished packing our suitcase for our hospital stay and my little bag with birth necessities is ready. His room is all set up, co sleeper installed, we even have a small supply of nappies. Candy and birthday cards ready. Now it's [...]

Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 35: A birthday and a birth.

It's my daughters first 'birthday" next Monday and a lot of feelings are finding their way back. We plan on going back to her hospital of death and birth to light her a candle and bring flowers to our midwife, who guided us during our 52 hour labor.. She's the one who put Elli of [...]

Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 34: The outlines of birth.

Week 34, wow... It stil feels surreal to be here. I've always looked at these dates like something that might never come and now It's all here and I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything. My journey... Ours.. That of our son who continues to grow like a champ. I have two more [...]

Saskia’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33: Lines of old memories.

My stretch marks are quite severe and wide but I can still see where it once began. With 7 more weeks to go and 32 lbs gained already (yet still fit in the same clothing size?!) this seems like a daunting task.  I am not snacking bad foods  but taking the required rest with pelvic [...]