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About Robyn McKinnon

Robyn McKinnon is a professional counsellor in private practice from Tasmania, Australia. She offers phone and face to face counselling as well as professionally facilitated support groups and workshops for families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss, including those on the journey of pregnancy and parenting a new baby after a loss. Robyn is a founding member of the Tasmanian Pregnancy and Infant Loss Services Alliance, and well recognised in her community for the work she has done supporting families over the years. Robyn is a proud mum to 2 rainbow children, and to her first born son Adam who died in 2009.

5 ways to survive the holiday season

I want to acknowledge that for many, this holiday period may be a time of excitement and happiness, whilst for others it may be a time of great anxiety and sadness as they struggle with challenges in their families, or the reminder of someone who is missing. Whatever this time of the year means to [...]

Coping with angelversary’s during pregnancy and parenting after loss.

Each year as our angelversary approaches, I am reminded about the unpredictability of grief. Most of the year I find myself busy with life, work and family, but then there is a point a few weeks before when I become acutely aware it is that time of the year again. No matter how hard I [...]

When is it time to tell the world I am pregnant again?

  Congratulations on being pregnant again.  Being pregnant after a baby has died can feel so different. Do you remember what it was like the first time before your baby died? Were you anxious or scared, had a gut feeling it wasn't right, or just so happy that you were on a constant high?! No matter how you [...]

“Little feet”

Loss changes so many things in a person's life.  There are times of loneliness and feeling helpless.  There are moments of not understanding why this had to happen. There is often a feeling of regret and overwhelming sadness, and there may at times be a feeling of wishing that the loss had never happened. And yet, [...]

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To be or not to be pregnant again…. that is the question.

After the death of a baby or babies there often comes the question of if and when do we try again? For some, the experience of their baby’s death opens a range of questions to be considered before moving forward and deciding what to do, and for others there is a stronger sense than ever [...]