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Rebecca Markert lives in Verona, Wisconsin, with her husband, Mike, and their three living children, Dexter, Audrey, and Owen. She gave birth to her first child, Lily, on Mother's Day 2010 after she went into preterm labor at 20 weeks. Rebecca had a septate uterus, which put her at risk for preterm labor and an incompetent cervix, among other things. Lily was a beautiful baby girl with her daddy's nose and her mommy's feet. She was stillborn. She was proof that love at first sight does exist. After another high risk pregnancy, Rebecca welcomed her rainbow, Dexter, in 2011. During her second pregnancy after loss, Rebecca realized how anxious and fearful she still was and sought out other women expecting again after loss. She, along with four other courageous mamas, formed the Rainbow Pregnancies of Madison group, which supports women pregnant after loss. Rebecca is still the facilitator of that group, which meets monthly and has an active, private Facebook page.

Surviving the last few weeks of pregnancy

It doesn’t matter when you lost your baby, the last few weeks of pregnancy after loss is extremely difficult. Aside from the normal gripes from the last month of pregnancy, the anxiety rises once again. In our local pregnancy after loss (PAL) support group, we’ve seen it time and again. You pass the gestational age [...]

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Let’s Talk Fetal Movement

In the third trimester of pregnancy doctors in the U.S. ask expecting moms to start doing kick counts. Fetal movement in the third trimester is crucial for determining the health of the baby. The link between decreased fetal movement and stillbirth is clear. Babies in utero will conserve energy when in distress, so a change [...]

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The Emotional Experience Surrounding Genetic Testing in Pregnancy After Loss After 40

I’ve been “advanced maternal age” for all of my pregnancies except the first one. Then I was 33, but I lost my daughter just shy of my 34th birthday. My subsequent pregnancies were then at 35, 37, and 39.  I’m currently expecting again at 42. Once you hit your forties, genetic testing isn’t just recommended, [...]

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The Case for Seeing a Therapist During Pregnancy after Loss

I was talking to a friend recently about my current pregnancy. It’s my fifth pregnancy, but my fourth after loss. I had just passed the gestational age at which I lost my daughter, Lily, and I was telling my friend how hard it was again to make it through that time. It seemed silly to [...]

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Managing Anxiety During the 20-Week Ultrasound

You’ve made it through the first trimester! Early miscarriage is no longer a fear. You feel more energetic. Your appetite has returned and hopefully you’re feeling better. The only thing that may not have eased is the fear and anxiety that seem to always persist. You’re still waiting for the other shoe to drop, even [...]

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Inside a Pregnant After Loss Mama’s Mind: In Between Appointments

It’s Sunday and I have an OB appointment on Thursday. The last few days I’ve been trying not to think about the upcoming appointment. Trying to find a way to distract myself from what’s coming up. Everything is fine right now. That’s all I need to focus on. In this moment, everything is okay. But, [...]

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Today, I thought I was miscarrying…

Today, I thought I was miscarrying… … because I didn’t feel any morning sickness. … because I felt too sick, and really fatigued. … because I had intermittent back pain. … because I swore the gush of mucus I just felt was blood. … because I spotted. … because I’m “advanced maternal age” and fear [...]

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The Moment You Find Out There’s Going to Be Another Baby…

You stare down at the pregnancy test. It confirms - as the others you took before it- that you’re pregnant again. All sorts of emotions bubble to the surface. Joy, excitement, overwhelming love – there’s going to be a another baby! There’s relief. You did it. You conceived! But that’s also accompanied by panic, trepidation, and overwhelming fear. Nothing’s [...]

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Picking a Pediatrician for Your Baby Born After Loss

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash Almost two weeks ago, after my 2 ½ year old son completed his well-child check-up, his pediatrician sat me down to tell me that she was retiring in September. With that, we’d have to pick a new doctor for my three kids born after loss. My heart sank. It felt [...]

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“In This Moment, Everything is Okay” and other Helpful Pregnancy After Loss Affirmations

When you’re pregnant again after loss (PAL), it’s so easy to get inside your head. You’ve been introduced to the “baby loss world” and you have suddenly become aware of the many ways a baby can die during pregnancy. It’s so easy to go to a bad place very quickly. For me, affirmations were so [...]