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Rachel Lewis is a foster, adoptive and birth mom. After a 5-year battle with secondary infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, she now has three children in her arms, five children in heaven and a foster son in her heart. She now considers her family complete after the adoption of her second daughter and the birth of her rainbow baby. Rachel understands what it is like when building your family is just a little complicated, and is passionate about helping women feel heard and understood in their struggles. When she’s not chauffeuring her kids around or working on her upcoming book, you can find her shopping at Trader Joes, drinking coffee, or writing about her journey as a mom at The Lewis Note or as a contributor to Still Standing Magazine. You can get her free resource,  "Your BFF Guide to Miscarriage: 5 Ways to Comfort a Friend Through Pregnancy Loss" here. Connect with Rachel on Facebook, or join her private Facebook group Brave Mamas -- a support group for anyone who had to struggle to build their family.

6 absolute needs loss moms face when their rainbow baby is sick

Whether it's a high fever, unusual behavior, a bump or fall, or a more serious prognosis -- loss moms often struggle with anxiety when their rainbow baby is sick. I certainly was no exception... When my phone rang as I headed down to our car from the pediatrician's office, my heart sunk. It was the [...]

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The Invisible Bravery of Fathers

Over the last few years, the "mental workload" of motherhood has become a hot topic. But sometimes we women lose sight of the very real mental (and emotional) workload of fathers, an invisible bravery that deserves our respect and gratitude: The drive to keep the family afloat during times of crisis, struggle or bereavement in [...]

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Your High-Risk Pregnancy After Loss: 10 Tips to Help

If pregnancy after loss is a mind game, a high-risk pregnancy after loss is a mind game on crack. When your pregnancy after loss becomes high-risk, you face a double-whammy of a loss of innocence and heightened anxiety and fear. To put it simply, a high-risk pregnancy is one which requires extra measures to increase [...]

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Why fear should not keep you from announcing a baby on the way

Early pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body goes through massive change, most of her baby’s development takes place, and she is at the highest statistical risk at loss. Yet our society demands she endure it all alone. ... "She was barely pregnant . . . " As I read these words, discomfort began to churn [...]

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Trying to conceive after loss: Your top 10 list of what you must know

After my first loss, my thoughts constantly fell on one of two things: mourning the baby we just lost and dreaming of trying again. As much as I deeply ached to still be pregnant with the child we already conceived, the emptiness in my womb now felt unbearable. I was ready to start trying to [...]

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Pregnancy After Loss: Hope. Faith. Fear. And everything in between.

Pregnancy after loss is . . .   Beautiful. Hopeful. Terrifying. Moment-by-moment. Anxiety-provoking. A prayer with every breath.     Fear of getting too attached. Guilt for moving forward. Holding your breath for 9 months. (God, please don't let it be less.) Learning to exhale.     Going to your OB appointments, and being flooded [...]

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The Secret Truth About Gender Disappointment

Gender disappointment. It happens, but few of us want to talk about it. Especially those of us in the loss community. "I'll just be happy if your baby is healthy and alive," we say about pregnancy after loss, because we all know the alternative. We may even demand the same from our friends and acquaintances [...]

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When you just can’t let go of the fear after loss

  I thought it would be easier once she was here. Turns out . . . I couldn't let go of the fear after loss. I never expected to get this far. Even after our baby hung on ultrasound after ultrasound, my previous pregnancy losses made me guard my heart. Every thought of the future [...]

Our rainbow baby is our last, and it’s giving me all the feels.

“I’m done,” I repeated to my husband for the millionth time that week. Just months earlier, we saw our reproductive endocrinologist. We miscarried for the fourth time and wanted to follow up to see if there’s anything more they could do. They told me our next steps were trying IVF, or we could do an [...]

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