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Nicole McRaney lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, Colin, and their two dogs, Molly and Charlie. Since October 2013, she and her husband have experienced three early pregnancy losses. The first, around 6 weeks, was determined to be ectopic. The third, in January 2015, she carried for 8 weeks. In the midst of the struggle and grief that comes with pregnancy loss at any stage, Nicole has found strength in sharing her story with others. She believes that it is important that we share our stories of loss so that other moms and dads will know they are not alone. In her work as a chaplain at a children's hospital, Nicole puts that strength to use in comforting others in their own times of grief and struggle. She uses her faith to explore the struggle surrounding grief, as well as the hope that often comes hand in hand with that struggle. She writes about her journey through pregnancy loss, as well as discussions on faith, chaplaincy, and vintage sewing on her blog, Restless Weaver.

Trusting My Baby

I've put off this post for a while. I thought about writing it when we first announced we were pregnant, but I didn't know what to say. I was afraid of what might happen, of what might not happen. I dreaded writing about the pregnancy, filling a post with hopes and dreams, and then those [...]

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Creating Art and Meaning After Loss

For weeks after my first pregnancy loss, I lay on the couch, only going through the motions of everyday life. I did not know how to continue to exist in a world where my pregnancy had ended and my child had died. A part of me just wanted to do something. I hated lying around [...]

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Hating the Belly

I see pregnant women everywhere. On Facebook, my news feed is flooded with happy women, their hands resting around their bellies, smiling in anticipation. They are everywhere. I see their bellies more than their faces. I imagine them more than I imagine their children. People ask me sometimes, “Isn’t it hard to work in a [...]

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Self-Care in Liminal Space

I'm waiting. These days, it seems like I'm always waiting.  Waiting for my period - or not; waiting for that magical fertile window; waiting the dreaded two weeks to find out if I'm pregnant.  Then the cycle starts all over again, endless and exhausting. A friend once told me that the space or time "in [...]

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To tell or not to tell?

We had a plan. It was a just-in-case plan, the kind you make because, you tell yourself, if you don’t make a plan, that thing you dread will happen. Our plan was simple. Instead of waiting the traditional 3 months to tell anyone we were expecting, we would tell a circle of close friends and [...]

To be a mom

I was called a mom the other day. When I read the words on my phone, I started to cry.  No one had called me a mom before.  People had told me “when you are a mom…” and “you’ll be a great mom.”  They had spoken about it in the future, as a thing-that-will-someday-be.  But [...]

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