Natesha Strader

About Natesha Strader

Natesha D. Strader is a Virginia native. She lives with her husband of six years and their three beautiful children: Elijah, Remon, and Michaela. Natesha has a strong passion to see women of all walks of life uplifted and walking out their life’s purpose. She has dedicated her time to supporting women within her city via small group outings. Natesha believes that “through our life experiences as woman we can come together and encourage each other”. In her second year of marriage, she and her husband experienced an ectopic pregnancy, which devastated the family. However, that did not prepare her for the miscarriage they experienced two years later at 8 weeks gestation. The miscarriage left the family brokenhearted and Natesha wondering why that could happen. After toiling with the loss and lack of support and bouts of depression and anxiety, Natesha knew that she could not allow another woman to go through a miscarriage alone. After years of going back and forth, Natesha, along with the help and support of her husband, decided that for the time being they would focus on their children and the many gifts already given to them. She doesn’t consider the decision a complete loss but just a pause in this chapter of her life. Natesha is excited to be a part of the PALS team, as she has dedicated herself to not see anyone go loss alone.
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