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Mel Scott is an Occupational Therapist, Teacher, Life Coach and Writer. In 2008 she excitedly began her journey to motherhood. Sadly this ended in a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. Falling pregnant again 6 months later, she immersed herself in her perfect pregnancy. Sadly her son Finley was born by emergency caesarean, in 2009 at 41+5 weeks pregnant. He didn’t wake up. Mel went on to fall pregnant quickly and her daughter was born, healthy and happy in 2010. Mel is passionate about writing about pregnancy after loss after struggling with extreme anxiety herself as she is the author of two books, After Finley a captivating, real time journal account of life after the loss of a baby and her second book The Fairy Caretaker gently, in an enchanting way, explains the death of a sibling and visiting a cemetery to young children. Mel also created registered charity Towards Tomorrow Together in the UK, providing support at a local level to baby loss parents. She also runs Finley’s Footprints, providing support, information and resources to people affected by the loss of a baby.

An Attitude For Gratitude

Yesterday, in the UK, it was Father’s Day. This day happened to coincide this year with Summer Solstice. It was a beautiful sunny day, balancing perfectly the day before which was grey, windy and rainy. The weather seemed to reflect the activities that were taking place. On Saturday, I was teaching midwives, as I often [...]

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Bonding with your new baby

This month, in the UK, there have been some interesting, inspiring conversations taking place as part of #MatExp. It's an interesting collaboration between parents and professionals. Honest. Open. No holds barred discussions. The discussions have helped me think about rainbow pregnancy, my birth, and my early days with my baby. I'm sad that I didn't [...]

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I knew this month I wanted to write about Finley's birthday - 2nd August. This year he will be 5. Many people wonder how they should/could/will honour the date their angel baby was born once their rainbow comes along. I thought I would write this month about all of Finley's birthdays (with the exception of [...]

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Will Tomorrow Ever Come?

  Tomorrow is a strange concept. It could be filled with hope and joy, or sorrow or pain. It is a mystery to us as we sit in our today, wondering what tomorrow will bring. For me, in my pregnancy after my stillbirth, tomorrow was a frightening thing.   I never really managed to believe [...]

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