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Meg Kant lives in Sudbury, Ontario and is the owner of The Blissful Doula. She is a birth and postpartum Doula, Psychology Graduate, Wife and Mom to her son Gibson and her angel baby Zennon. After experiencing Pregnancy After Loss, Antenatal Depression, followed by the Beautiful Mess that is motherhood, she has become passionate about sharing her experiences--the good, the bad and the beautiful. You can follow Meg on Facebook and Instagram.

The Struggle of Decorating The Nursery During Pregnancy After Loss

  I waited months to finally decorate my nursery. Taking those final steps of preparing to bring a baby home required a level of trust and optimism that I struggled to muster. I knew after the walls were painted and the decals were hung that there would no longer be a way to pretend the room [...]

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An Unexpected Piece of Advice During Pregnancy After Loss

During my PAL I attempted countless times to explain to friends and family how challenging it was to trust that this pregnancy would go well. When people asked if I was excited, I often used terms like "hopefully", "we'll see what happens" and "if we get to bring this baby home."  It felt so lonely that [...]

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It Wasn’t Supposed To Be This Way….

Pregnancy wasn't supposed to be this way: It wasn't supposed to be filled with fear and worry. It wasn't supposed to be consumed with grief. It wasn't supposed to be so hard. ...but it was for me. Pregnancy after loss was harder than I ever imagined, and filled with more tears than I thought possible [...]

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The Struggle of My Best Friend Being Pregnant After My Loss

The Struggle of My Best Friend Being Pregnant After My Loss A few weeks after I lost my first son at 4.5 months’ pregnant, I found out that one of my best friends was pregnant. I wish I could say that I was happy for her and my heart didn’t break into a million pieces but that [...]

The 9 Words I Wish I Never Heard During my Pregnancy After Loss

  Her words brought to life my greatest fears, that somehow I was responsible for my loss and that I could end up losing this baby as well. I had a hard time during my Pregnancy After Loss (PAL). I was anxious, and sad and later learned that I had Antenatal Depression (Depression during Pregnancy).  In an attempt [...]

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Jealousy; an unwelcomed symptom of Pregnancy After Loss

When I got pregnant with my rainbow baby I was overjoyed for about a total of 5 minutes before I was overcome with sheer panic. You see I had been here before. I had gotten a positive pregnancy test, I had done the adorable announcement, I had made it through the first trimester. But what I [...]

Dear Mama…It is Okay to be Scared

Dear Mama, it is okay to be scared. Pregnancy After Loss is scary. Scarier than I ever imagined it would be. I knew that I would be nervous and anxious and sad, but I never imagined being so scared. I was scared to go to my midwife appointments. I was scared to go to ultrasounds. [...]

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The Truth About Crying at My Baby Shower

I am not going to lie; I put on a damn good face at my baby shower. I smiled and laughed and talked about the baby. I rubbed my growing belly and discussed names with all of the guests. I was truly grateful for everything everyone did for us; I was just not in a [...]

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