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Lynzee Febbo is a wife and mother of two angels, Matix Jack and Tegan James. She lives in Rexburg, Idaho with her loving husband and cat. She is currently a Nanny to three little boys and blogs at Tiger Stripes and Lemonade. She loves swing dancing with her husband or any other kind of dancing, as well as singing and crafting. After suffering the loss of her twin sons to stillbirth in August of 2016, and a early miscarriage in April of 2017, she and her husband are finally ready to try again for their rainbow baby. Through her losses, writing has been the best creative outlet and her own way to “give back” to the loss community that has been so loving to her throughout her grieving.

Dear Mama Waiting after Loss

Dear Mama Waiting after Loss, I am in a unique place as a Pregnancy After Loss Support contributor. I haven't yet experienced a successful pregnancy after a loss because both of my pregnancies have ended in loss. The stillbirth of my twin sons was followed rather closely by the early miscarriage of my next pregnancy, [...]

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The Stages of Crazy: Trying to Conceive After a Loss

Trying to Conceive can be a crazy adventure for any mother. It can drive a woman crazy. The whole process comes with its ups and downs, its joys and its woes, before you even have the help of pregnancy hormones. It can feel like you're running after something that is constantly just out of reach... [...]

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