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Lisa Hand is the "PALS Presents" Coordinator for Pregnancy After Loss Support. She currently resides in Virginia with her loving husband and daughter. She is a military wife, blogger, lover of Christ, Certified Child Life Specialist, avid reader and lover of aromatherapy. Lisa has 5 babies in her heart and one in her arms. Her journey to motherhood has been long battle of infertility, recurrent miscarriages and stillbirth until she was blessed with her rainbow baby in 2016. Lisa is an active member of Resolve and Share. Lisa is passionate about infertility and baby loss awareness. You can visit her lifestyle blog Lisa Danielle and follow her on Facebook. Lisa is honored to be part of the Pregnancy After Loss Support team and walk with other bereaved mamas on their journeys to motherhood and parenting after loss.

A Different Kind of Holiday Season

It's hard to believe my daughter, my rainbow, is 16 months old already. There are days that it feels like I was pregnant yesterday, crippled with fear but choosing hope in every single milestone. Then there are days where it feels like she has been here all along. As if I barely can recall a [...]

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Dear Superhero Moms Parenting After Loss

Dear Superhero Moms Parenting After Loss, You have to hear this. You are doing a great job. A phenomenal job. Parenting is hard work no matter what your journey to get there looks like. But this parenting after loss gig, I am willing to bet it’s even tougher. Because I don’t think I would have [...]

Goodbye, Charlotte

When I was pregnant with my rainbow, there was this fear that lingered deep in my mind, combined with a peace that sat strong within my soul. This pregnancy was different. Or was it? Was it my desperate need to believe that I would actually hold a living child within my arms that made me [...]

Parenting After Loss: Why We Chose a Sleep Monitor Device

Five years ago this winter, I began working in a children’s hospital. Six weeks into my position there, I held a 6 day old little boy as he started to turn blue. I can still see the desperation in his eyes as he gasped to get air but all that came out was a hoarse [...]

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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Always a Risk, but Always a Chance.

Last month I wrote about the importance of a strong support system on the journey of trying to conceive after loss. I spoke about my light keepers, those who have proven their loyalty in walking this journey with me and those who proved the opposite. What I didn’t write about was that I was actually [...]

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My People, My Light Keepers

Besides the loss of my son itself, the most shocking thing to me since then has been our support system. I mean I would say at first it looked pretty typical. Everyone we would expect to reach out did just that. It was about two weeks after the loss of him that things began [...]

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Running for Today: Choosing to Live in the Now.

Something has shifted for me this month. Something big. For the first time in years I am making plans for myself, plans without the "what if" I get pregnant question swimming around inside of my head. For too many years I have missed opportunities and denied adventures based around the big "what if." The thing [...]

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My Reflection of Infertility after Loss

For the first time in three years, I attended the monthly meeting of my local infertility support group that I have been a member of for several years now. I am an "active" member, meaning I am very involved with the online support portion and attend social gatherings from time to time but I don't attend the [...]

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I am a Courageous Mama: Lisa’s Story

Story by Lisa Hand I am a courageous mama because I lost my first baby at 9 weeks, then my second at 6 weeks, then my third at 28 weeks and my fourth at 10 weeks. I am a courageous mama because despite six years of infertility, pokes, prods and treatments...I am still fighting. I [...]

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