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Lauren has walked the road of trauma and grief for years, mainly as a PTSD therapist and then most recently in her personal life after the loss of her adopted daughter through a failed adoption and then the subsequent stillbirth of her daughter Rhiannon at 39 weeks from a cord accident/cord compression in March of 2013. She focuses her articles on pregnancy after a loss through a failed adoption, miscarriage loss and loss through stillbirth, as well as parenting after those losses. The journey of infertility and decision to adopt/use donor conception which is another loss in itself even though it is also a new beginning.

Dear PAL Momma… You’ve Got This

Dear PAL Momma, If it’s 3 am and you’re up again wondering if you can do this, I want you to know that you can. If it’s 3pm and you’re leaving a doctors appointment wondering if you can handle the anxiety of a few more weeks of pregnancy or if you can manage to wait to hear the heartbeat [...]

The First and The One Who Came Before

The oft asked question has to plague other loss moms like myself. "Is this your first". No. Yes. Well when you ask about firsts, what do you mean? My first child? Then no. There is one who came before, with curly red hair and who resembled her father more than I'm sure most baby girls [...]

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Living in Indecision: When You Feel Your Intuition Failed You

During the majority of my pregnancy that finally carried to term, I decided to stay in a state of trust. I trusted my medical professionals, I trusted my intuition, I trusted in any higher power above that things were going to work out just fine. In some ways, I really don't know that I could [...]

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