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Laura Malcolm is the proud mother of Layla, who was stillborn at 35 weeks in November 2013, and Diego, her little brother born in November 2014. After Laura and her husband James experienced coming home from the hospital without a child, they knew there had to be a better way to help direct families in how to most effectively give help, no matter how far away they were - and Layla’s legacy, Give InKind  was born. Laura and James now run Give InKind, while parenting an active toddler and preparing for another rainbow to join their home. You can follow the Give InKind journey on the webFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 37 – Uncharted Territory

Tomorrow I'll officially be the most pregnant I've ever been. With my first rainbow, I hit that milestone at 35+3, and it was a definitely a tough one, because it coincided with the day we lost our daughter. Hitting 37+1 is tough in a different way - it's hard because it's the day that everyone [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 36 – Well, What Do You Want to Do?

We had our final MFM visit last week. The plan was to assess baby’s size (large), BPP score (perfect) and my anxiety (moderate) in order to make a plan for when this little guy will join us. I have really appreciated this MFM, because I think he met me where I am with this second [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 35 – Her Week

35 weeks. I’ve learned by now that this is about the time that you start thinking baby could come anytime, even though you know they need a few more weeks. So close, every kick feels like they’re working their way out, every cramp you wonder if it’s a contraction. So when Layla dropped a few [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 34 – Head vs. Heart

They say when you lose a child, you lose not only that child, but the hopes and dreams that you held for that child. I didn’t know then just how all-encompassing those hopes and dreams would be. I realized later that I lost not only hopes and dreams we held for Layla, but I lost [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 33 – Is It All Uphill or Downhill from Here?

This last week started the routine I became so familiar with in my first rainbow pregnancy. Weekly visit to the MFM, onto the monitors, drink some ice water. I’ve learned to read the strips, I joke with the nurses – I like my new MFM’s setup, in a room with several other NST chairs and [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 32 – The Wall of Guilt

The last week has been hard. Really, really hard. I’ve hit that point in pregnancy – the one most moms experience, but the one that feels oh so different when you’re PAL. I’ve hit the wall. I’m uncomfortable. All the pillows are on the bed. Baby boy manages to kick my bladder and my ribs [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 31 – “Next Time We See You, You’ll Have a Baby”

I’ve been here before. Wrapping up our annual summer vacation with family, saying our goodbyes, making plans for the holidays. Squeezes of my belly, the same saying, over and over again. “Next time we see you, you’ll have a new baby to cuddle!” This makes the third time we’ve done this cycle. Three babies due [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 30 – Her Special Place

I never expected this place to be filled with so much emotion, so much memory, so soon. It’s only been six years since I first stepped foot on Martha’s Vineyard to meet the family of the guy I’d been dating barely two months. As he walked me hand-in-hand around the town, I told him I [...]

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Laura’s Bump Blog, Week 29 – Why I Did It.

Believe it or not, there are some out there today that would be questioning something hundreds of thousands of pregnant women likely did today – viewed the eclipse. There are legends/myths/stories throughout many cultures that said that pregnant women should NOT be outside during an eclipse, and it would result in everything from crooked joints [...]

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Laura’s Bump Day Blog, Week 28 – When It’s Not OK, but It’s Still Great

One of the things I’ve found hardest about being a “loss mom” is the need to qualify pretty much everything wonderful that happens with my rainbow son. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. It’s great, but it will never replace her. How would this be different if my life hadn’t changed? That’s not fair [...]

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