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Kristi Bothur is a wife, mother, educator, blogger, and freelance writer. She has seven children - two on Earth and five in Heaven. She and her husband Eric founded Naomi's Circle, a faith-based pregnancy and infant loss ministry, as a result of walking the road of first and second trimester pregnancy loss, as well as the journey of pregnancy after loss. Kristi is a contributing editor of the ebook devotional Rainbows and Redemption: Encouragement for the Journey of Pregnancy After Loss and a co-author of Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother. She has been a guest blogger on Grace for Moms, the MOB Society, and Still Standing, among others. She is passionate about helping women find their spiritual footing when life's messes catch them by surprise. She believes in being real with God and with each other, and refuses to give wishy-washy answers to nitty-gritty problems. She reaches out to bereaved parents through the Naomi's Circle ministry, through her writing on the Columbia SC Moms Blog and Mommies with Hope, and through her personal blog, This Side of Heaven. Kristi lives in South Carolina with her husband and living children, where she homeschools, is active in her church, and embraces the life that God has given her.

When are you ready?

I lost my daughter Naomi at nearly 19 weeks through a "perfect storm" of medical issues that threatened my life. I had been hospitalized with unmanageable abdominal pain unrelated to my pregnancy, only to have my baby born sleeping, followed by emergency surgery the next day. I was sicker than I had ever been in [...]

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Learning to celebrate Mother’s Day

I had a whole lot of hard Mother's Days and one good one from the time we started trying to have children until the time our rainbow baby was born. Mother's Day the first year we were trying to get pregnant was not too bad. After all, everyone knows that it may take a little [...]

With arms both full and empty

My rainbow baby turned five last week, and there is something momentous about that, because he isn't a baby anymore. He will graduate from preschool in a couple of months and we will begin homeschool kindergarten, alongside his fourth grade sister. They will fuss at and love on one another, fiercely, and I will fuss [...]

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The heartbeat

My biggest fear when I was pregnant after three losses was, of course, losing this baby, too. In fact, the scariest moment of every prenatal appointment was at the very beginning when the doctor used a portable ultrasound machine or a Doppler to check for my baby's heartbeat. Only after we determined that my baby [...]

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How my Birth Plan Changed for my Pregnancy after a Loss

When I was pregnant with my daughter and talking birth plans, I had a dream. I wanted to do everything as naturally as possible--go into labor on my own, no pain meds, a doula and my husband by my side, in the hospital but guided by a nurse midwife. My dream came true. I began [...]

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Parenting after Loss: Handling the Holidays

Every November, I breathe a sigh of relief. PAIL Awareness Month is a precious time to me, but it is also exhausting emotionally, and by November, I am ready to take a breather and turn toward the holiday season, breaking out the Christmas music and the pumpkin spice everything. But no sooner do I take [...]

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Including your Rainbow in PAIL activities

We are a week into Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Awareness Month, a time that brings up so, so many memories for me. My "first" PAIL Awareness Month was just seven months after we had lost our daughter Naomi in my second trimester. I was already pregnant again, with a baby that I thought would [...]

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Double exposure: the Bewildering Blend of Grief and Joy

I'll never forget that moment. My baby boy was a few weeks old, settled in snugly to nurse. His button nose and little mouth working for the milk were the stuff dreams were made of - especially when, after three consecutive losses, I had pretty much given up on ever having another little one in [...]

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